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  1. jbrookeiv

    BIG trouble brewing at A/B-InBev

    Screw AB Inbev.
  2. jbrookeiv

    Question for the Computer Geeks

    I lol'ed. :ban:
  3. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Also, check out http://turntable.fm/dubstep101com. It's a social DJing site, let's you play tracks with friends. I set up my own dubstep room, it's a lot of fun.
  4. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Nice. He's coming to Miami in October, cannot wait. Check out Feed Me and Mord Fustang, two of my favorites and not your typical dubstep.
  5. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here listen to dubstep?

    Title says it all. Just started a dubstep blog and was wondering if any of you like dubstep. http://dubstep101.com :ban:
  6. jbrookeiv

    Vegas Bound!

    Subscribed. I'll be in Vegas, staying at the Venetian, for a tradeshow July 17-21.
  7. jbrookeiv

    Need a belly laugh?

  8. jbrookeiv

    Tha' NBA Finals thread

    MIA, baby!
  9. jbrookeiv

    Switching Decals

    I never got my other decal, any way to get the new one? I've got a nice spot on my keezer for a sticker!
  10. jbrookeiv

    Beer related tattoos

    Nice. Big Brewing Network fan, eh? :)
  11. jbrookeiv

    45 Degrees So I Built a Fire

    Yea, I'm getting out of FL as soon as possible, but my wife is in grad school with 3 years to go.
  12. jbrookeiv

    Mexican Beer Sucks

    I feel your pain. I work for a cigar company here in Miami, and I visit our factory in Nicaragua 6 or 7 times a year. I am always severely disappointed by the beer selection. It's even worse in Nicaragua than Mexico though, with two options: Tona or Victoria, both of which are very boring light...
  13. jbrookeiv

    45 Degrees So I Built a Fire

    I'd kill for some cold weather.
  14. jbrookeiv

    White guy dancing like a mad man to Avril Lavigne.

    Definitely not an Avril Lavigne concert.
  15. jbrookeiv

    Any Web Designers?

    I build websites based on Wordpress, if that counts.
  16. jbrookeiv

    Scotch gurus

    I'm hoping to win a $500 gift card for beer, and if I win I think I'll be picking up a bottle of scotch as well. I've got my eye on a bottle of Lagavulin 16.
  17. jbrookeiv

    Anyone here TechNet subscribed?

    Looks good to me.
  18. jbrookeiv

    I just got the wife to agree to cancel cable TV!

    I cancelled my cable about 6 months ago, and haven't really missed it. The only thing I regret is not being able to watch live soccer at home, unless I can find a good feed online.
  19. jbrookeiv

    Mellow Mushroom beer club

    Nice! I probably should have, but since I've moved from Atlanta I don't get to MM nearly as often. The closest location is a good 45 minutes from me.