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    Homebrewing Holiday Deals @ HomebrewSupply.com, this weekend only

    Hey there, homebrewers! We're excited to share with you our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend of blowout deals. You can check out the master list of deals at" https://homebrewsupply.com/holiday-deals/ or see the individual listings below. We'll also be doing various flash sales...
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    AMCYL Kettle GIVEAWAY + Homebrew Supply's Black Friday | Cyber Monday Weekend Deals

    Hey Homebrewers! We're very excited to announce a new giveaway for ALL HomebrewTalk.com users! We have brand new AMCYL kettles(on sale RIGHT NOW as part of our pre-black Friday deals) and are going to let one lucky winner choose the AMCYL kettle they want for free (8 gallon,10 gallon,15 gallon...
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    FREE GIFT CARD when you buy a gift card on HomebrewSupply.com!

    Now thru Sunday, take advantage of our GIFT CARD SPECIAL! Buy a $100, $150, or $200 gift card and you'll receive a bonus $10, $15, or $20 gift card via email the next day.
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    GREAT DEALS and GIVEAWAYS FROM HomebrewSupply.com

    Since Kegconnection.com acquired HomebrewSupply.com back in late August of this year, we have been doing our best to restock our entire inventory and continue to provide you guys with the wonderful products and service you've always known HBS to have! It hasn't been without some bumps in the...
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    HomebrewSupply.com Grand Re-Opening Sale!

    RECIPE KIT WINNERS #5 sleepspeaking #110 imasickboy #15 jschein I'm literally running out the door right now but I'll private message you all alerting you personally that we've drawn your name as winners in the recipe kit giveaway! Alternatively, if you see this first, PM us here with the...
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    Exciting News from HomebrewSupply.com

    Below is a press release that we published today. The direct link is accessible HERE. Please let us know if you have any questions! :mug: ------------------------------------------------- Press Release, August 21st, 2017 Kegconnection, LLC is excited to announce the acquisition of...
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    Up to 50% Off Inkbird, Growlers, CO2 Tanks, and More!

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    Name Our Recipe Contest | Win a FREE Recipe!

    Show your creative side by naming our newest recipe kit - the Imperial Red IPA! How To Enter Follow this Facebook Link Like and Share the post Comment with your idea! The comment with the highest number of likes* will win a FREE Imperial Red IPA recipe kit! Contest ends 5/29 and...
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    Scratch, Dent & Return Blowout Thread

    In this thread we will be offloading all our scratch & dent as well as SKU's we don't normally stock in our main distribution center. We are going to start doing it only on HBT, these will not be on our website. All sales will be final. In order to order, you must call us to place the...