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    Stroking EdWort's Ego

    Last weekend a good friend of mine came down to my house for a little party I threw together. He is a sommelier at a fancy Asian restaurant in New York City. I figured I'd let him taste my first AG batch which was EdWort's Pale Ale. Let me tell you, he absolutely loved the beer. He kept...
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    State of the Union

    Who has that happened to?
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    Bar Tricks - Freeze A Beer In 2 Seconds

    http://www.videosift.com/video/Freeze-a-Beer-in-2-Seconds A cool trick if you have some lousy beer.
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    Learning the Guitar.

    I started playing guitar 12 years ago. As many have suggested here, pick some songs you like and learn to play them. This keeps you motivated. If you just learn chords and have no way to put them together you will get bored fast. Here are a few songs that could get you started: Pearl...
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    Who's brewing on MLK/Civil Rights Day?

    I'll be brewing up a variation on your HausAle Ed: 8lb 2 row 2lb Vienna Malt .5lb Crystal 10L .5oz Chinook (60 minutes) .25 Amarillo Gold (45 minutes) .25 Chinook (30 minutes) .25 Chinook (5 minutes) .25 Amarillo Gold (5 minutes) Safale US-05 Dry Yeast I want to compare the...
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    Beer Safe, Man Not

    I love it. I used to live in Rhode Island and I must concur. Most people from Mass drive like lunatics.
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    Yuengling Beer is yummy! Need it in St. Louis!

    I think I've overdosed on the stuff considering it's the beer of choice amongst most people I know in the area. It's on tap everywhere and it's always on sale. I've been trying to get away from for a while now but like Pacino in GodFather II it just keeps sucking me back in.
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    Chris Farley

    "Lay off me I'm starving!"
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    Beer Safe, Man Not

    CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif., Jan. 8 (UPI) -- California police said a man who was injured after losing control of his car was not wearing a seatbelt -- but his 12-pack of beer was buckled in snugly. Officers in the town of Citrus Heights said witness accounts indicated that Alexsandr Gritsyuk...
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    Uh Oh!

    I guess your a 'glass is half-full' kind of guy.
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    Kid Pics

    Breakfast with Santa. Always a blast.
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    Uh Oh!

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    Christmas Tree

    Dang! I didn't even look. Either way, it's so cool I think it deserves to be posted again.
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    Christmas Tree