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  1. balzern

    Newb looking for opinions on my first recipe

    go for it dude! Looks good to me have that red man!
  2. balzern

    Bitter Extract Recipe Thoughts?

    Pleaaasseeeee enlighten me with some recipe wisdommmm :P
  3. balzern

    Bitter Extract Recipe Thoughts?

    Hey everyone. I am still kinda new to the designing recipe game but I was using BeerCalc. and Ray Daniels book Designing Great Beers to come up with this English Bitter-Hybrid recipe. Let me know what you think! 7.0 lbs Muntons Light Dry Malt Extract 12 oz Simpsons medium crystal...
  4. balzern

    Recipe suggestions using left over grains?

    Hey everyone I have a porter and dunkelweizen fermenting right now but have some extra specialty grains I would like to use for my upcoming extract batch. I haven't decided what recipe to construct using some or all of these left over grains so I was hoping you could give me some suggestions...
  5. balzern

    5 gallon boil to 2.5 gallon boil recipe conversion?

    sorry the carafa is 3 oz.
  6. balzern

    5 gallon boil to 2.5 gallon boil recipe conversion?

    in beersmith it says that the Porter will have an est. Original Gravity of 1.062 est FG of 1.019....28.7 IBU and 30.7 SRM The Dunkelweizen 1.046 OG - 1.011 FG ....21.2 SRM ...11.4 IBU I entered the Batch size for each as 5 gallons and the boil size as 2.5 is this right?...I was a bit...
  7. balzern

    5 gallon boil to 2.5 gallon boil recipe conversion?

    Hey everyone, I am pretty sure I made these recipes assuming a 5 gallon boil when I am going to do a 2.5 gallon boil then top off the fermenter to 5 gallons with cold water. I know, I know it was a careless mistake but I am brewing soon, have all the ingredients and am kinda freaking out . I...
  8. balzern

    Dunkelweizen Recipe Question

    Hey everyone, Please let me know what you think of this tentative Dunkelweizen recipe! 5 Gallon Batch 60 min boil: OG 1.055 SRM 21 IBU 12.6 5.5 ABV I was going to steep the grains at 150-155 F for 30 minutes then proceed with the LME at boil. 6 lbs Wheat LME 2 lbs Munich...
  9. balzern

    Dark Chocolate Porter Question

    hahah noooo that's not it! I just got excited and posted my question everywhere haha and I am doing the light extract now thanks to you! I am really pumped to try it though being i love darker beers and this is my first homemade recipe from scratch :)
  10. balzern

    Dark Chocolate Porter Question

    Thanks! I upped the chocolate to 1 lb and then decreased the crystal to .5 lbs. Also I will be using light LME and DME and 100% unsweetened hershey's cocoa powder!
  11. balzern

    1st Recipe - Does it look ok?

    Chocolate Porter Recipe Grains - 8 oz Simpsons Chocolate Crushed Roasted (412L) - 1.5 lb or 24 oz Simpsons Extra Dark Crystal (160L) Extract - 6 lbs Liquid Dark Malt Extract - 1 lb Dry Dark Extract Hops - 1.00 oz Crystal - 1.00 oz Cluster Yeast - Wyeast 1338 European Ale...
  12. balzern

    Dark Chocolate Porter Question

    Hey everyone, I am making a dark chocolate porter and wanted to know what you all thought.. 1 lb. Dark Dry Extract 6 lbs Dark Liquid Malt Extract 8 oz Simpsons Extra Dark Crystal Malt (160L) 8 oz Simpson's Chocolate Malt (412L) 1.00 oz Cluster [7.00%] (60 min) Hops 23.5 IBU 1.00 oz...