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  1. Passload

    Labor Day Weekend 2008 - What's in Your Kettle???

    I brewed a nice Amber Ale this weekend.
  2. Passload

    Brew Day: Christmas Ale 2008

    Don't for get the pics
  3. Passload

    Starter = Fail

    No need to worry? Check out the up to code electrical. :eek: :D J/k
  4. Passload

    Beer and your health

    Just something I found to be interesting to pass on. This is not an endorsement of any kind. http://www.spatenusa.com/3_products/3_4_beer_health/index.htm
  5. Passload

    Name My Brewery!

    Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Brewing Inc. From the Stooges ya know.
  6. Passload

    Name My Brewery!

    Perscriptions Plus Brewing Co. Hippocratic Oath Brewery
  7. Passload

    How to drink homebrew poster

    I think illustration is best suited for non homebrew drinkers.
  8. Passload

    Name My Brewery!

    How about Botox Brewery "We'll turn that frown upside down."
  9. Passload

    Vodka in the airlock for beer?

    Yes you can.
  10. Passload

    Year old washed yeast?

    Make a starter and see if comes to life. Not that much to loose being a year old.
  11. Passload

    Hopps and trub on the compost pile?

    My dog has licked the heck out of the trub.:eek: She still kickin.:confused:.......................... Three years of lickin( couldn't resist) Guess I'll have to watch what I do more closely :o
  12. Passload

    Brewery names--what's your story?

    Wakefield Brewing Co. Wakefield is the street I live on.
  13. Passload

    My brewery name and logo

    Thanks for all of the replies. I made some changes edit the first post.
  14. Passload

    My brewery name and logo

    Well here it is What y'all think?
  15. Passload

    Critique my labels!!

    use photo bucket or something similar
  16. Passload

    Separating the Wort from the Hops

    Here is a project from Homebrew58 on you tube xFxuooOKe4o
  17. Passload

    Manufacturer Permit Cost?

    In Illinois: Manufacturer Application A Manufacturer's license consists of the following license classes and fee amounts: Distiller—$3,600; Rectifier—$3,600; Brewer—$900; 1st Class Wine Manufacturer—$600; 2nd Class Wine Manufacturer—$1,200; 1st Class Wine...
  18. Passload

    Will I need to add additional yeast at bottling?

    Cool thanks for keeping me strait Yuri.
  19. Passload

    Will I need to add additional yeast at bottling?

    Yes Yuri_Rage you are correct. But he was talking about pitching a small starter. Will that add the extra sugars?