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    Primary Crash Cool

    Last night I cooled my primary down from 60 to 42 to prepare it for kegging. Can I still harvest the yeast cake at the bottom or is that a bad idea?
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    I've had it with bottling!!!

    bottling does suck, now that I have a keg setup my brew setup is much more neat. Don't have to deal with a 250 bottle inventory. That said I kept two cases of 22's so that I can bottle 3-4 bottles one certain batches to age. Also certain beers really need to be bottled unless you just get a...
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    Loose Lid

    Just got a used challanger VI keg and I replaced the o rings on it. Now when I put the lid on and flip the latch it fits loose. I bought the standard oring set for ball lock kegs from my LHBS. I filled the keg with CO2 and it held pressure for about 2 hours. I noticed that the original...
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    I've had it with bottling!!!

    If you can't keg right away get star san, no rinse, no dry, no messing around. Me and my wife got to where we could bottle 5 gallon in 20 minutes not including about a 15 minutes sanitation soak.
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    Keg/Sanitation Question

    I read a thread about sanitizing CO2 lines and it seemed that some people did and some didn't. I decided not to and other than the initial sanitizing and didn't sanitize immediatly before hooking the keg up. I have three beers on tap 2 of which taste good and one tastes crappy. It has a funky...
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    Kegging bought beer

    Ive found out the best way to learn this stuff is by doing it. Get some food grade buckets and just brew as much as possible. Reading is reading and doing is doing. Youre going to "mess up" at first but the great thing about brewing is that it probably won't really effect youre beer...
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    New to homebrew, is my kegerator big enough?

    Soda kegs are about 8-1/2 inches dia. It would be real tight, but you may be able to get four in there as long as those dimensions are your inside dim. and accurate.
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    Chest freezer/ kegerator building questions

    Go with the chest freezer unless you live in a dorm and eat 3 squares of Ramen a day.;) I built one this weekend by loosely following Bobby M's vid. I choose to attach the collar to the freezer instead of the lid, but other than that I did it very similar. The thing that swayed me was a four...
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    how hard is kegging?

    Why does everyone say that they are going to switch to kegging when they get a bigger place? Im switching to keggin because i have 300 bottles in my closet that will be replaced by a chest freezer (with 300 bottles on top) Damn!!! Foiled again.
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    Favorite Bottle

    I love the shape of red stripe, but you cant get the logo off.