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  1. tnbrewer371

    HLT build help

    I am trying to design and build an electrically fired HLT that will run off an inkbird temp controller. My idea is to design and build an HLT minus the HERMS coil as laid out on the electricbrewery website, except using a 120V/2000W element. Can I build my HLT as described on there only using a...
  2. tnbrewer371

    Carbonation issue

    HELP! I’m serving a keg of hard seltzer now and the co2 keeps coming out of solution when I pour! Can anyone help me fix this issue? I carbed the keg much higher (I’ll check my notes) and extended the line to I think 12 feet and am in the process of being able to serve at higher psi (like 25...
  3. tnbrewer371

    Nylon T fitting

    Hey guys will it work to use a nylon t fitting from the hardware store to use in my co2 system? Amid the current situation it’s all I could get in a timely manner. I plan to replace with stainless down the line but amidst the pandemic I’m running out of things to do and tidying up the lines and...
  4. tnbrewer371

    Last minute Grain swap, thoughts?

    Went to grind grain and found I didn’t have the carastan my recipe called for. Not wanting to drive to the LHBS I subbed melanoidan malt and moved on. Interested to here peoples thoughts on this swap?
  5. tnbrewer371

    Out of control US05

    Okay so I just had some safale us05 slurry (harvested from a batch of blonde ale) take an imperial IPA from 1.093-1.009 which is 90% attenuation. Any one know how this is possible? Obviously this isn’t ideal in this instance. As a matter of fact I’ve been getting 85%+ attenuation with us05...
  6. tnbrewer371

    Natural carbing and dry hopping?

    does anyone have any experience with natural carbing and dry hopping in the keg simultaneously? It seems like a really good idea to me....
  7. tnbrewer371

    sparge water......

    Ive been using really hot sparge water and getting great efficiency and no bad side affects...thoughts... Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  8. tnbrewer371

    can beer mold? pic inside....

    so asking if beer can mold? i brewed a double ipa with a considerable amount of rye at the begining of november, well with holidays and work requirements...im just getting around to dry hopping it, this isnt my normal schedule...my normal schedule is 4 weeks in primary than dry hop and bottle...
  9. tnbrewer371

    channeling? new manifold?

    Just noticed at the end of the sparge that as the water sank beneath the grain bed the water was running to the sides of the cooler. Mashing in a 60qt igloo tun with a cpvc manifold in the bottom with about a 1/2" perimeter around the outside of the manifold. Should i reduce the size of my...
  10. tnbrewer371

    fwh'ing revisited

    so i leave my fwh in for the entire boil? how do i not get the same utilization as I would if i tossed them in when the boil began, while also getting the benefits that fwh'ing gives us? in my mind im extracting the same bu's as tossing them in when the boil begins but getting added benefit...
  11. tnbrewer371

    us-05 gone crazy

    so i pitched my house ipa on a cake of us-05 from a blonde ale, i do this all the time, but this time, it attenuated to 84.3% according to my measurements. freak accident? infection? the sample from the bottom of the bottling bucket tasted fine, a bit thinner than usual but than again it was a...
  12. tnbrewer371

    help with kegging than bottling

    in an effort to not overfill a keg again, which cause a gigantic headache, and in an additional effort to not waste any of my hardwork down the drain or drank uncarbed, im considering bottling any leftover beer after the keg is filled. Whats the best way to go about doing this? I guess my...
  13. tnbrewer371

    off flavor went away

    So I brewed a blonde ale a while back and after bottling it had a strong creamed corn/vegatal taste to it, I did not sample it before I bottled. But it seems this off flavor has mostly dissappeared after being in the bottle for six weeks or so? Any idea where I went wrong and how it fixed...
  14. tnbrewer371


    so I brewed a belgian strong dark ale today, see related thread (i need some advice still), and I took a gravity reading of what was left in the mashtun after I hit my preboil volume after I ran the rest of it off into an empty milk jug, I ended up with 36 oz, of 1.044 wort, doesnt that seem a...
  15. tnbrewer371

    diluting invert sugar

    I made some invert sugar and want to know how much water to diluting it in when making a syrup to feed to the yeast after primary fermentation has taken off? I will be adding roughly two pounds of invert sugar to the primary.
  16. tnbrewer371

    Electric HLT planning help

    I have a 5 gal round igloo beverage cooler that I use as my hlt, and would like to install an element in it to heat strike, mashout, and sparge water. The most I have ever had in my HLT is 4 gallons, but rarely do I ever have more than 3 gallons of sparge water. My plan is to use it to one...
  17. tnbrewer371

    crawl space bottle storage

    to make SWMBO happy and keep her on board with the brewery, a constant struggle as you all im sure know, i have been thinking about storing homebrew that has already bottle conditioned/carbed in my crawlspace. im not sure what the average montly temperature is down there but im pretty sure it...
  18. tnbrewer371

    PacMan OK?

    planning on doing a real big American barleywine (1.125), thinking about using pacman:ban:. was wondering if it would be a bad idea to brew a small cream ale (1.045) as a starter for the barleywine, 3 weeks later rack it off (keg/bottle) and pitch the barleywine on the cream ale cake? anyone...
  19. tnbrewer371

    Commercial Belgian Help

    Im trying to decide if I want to brew a Belgian Strong Dark Ale, however I dont think I have ever had one and dont want to devote the time shorterm and longterm in brewing something like this if I find that I do not really enjoy the style. Does anyone know of a nice Belgian Strong Dark Ale that...
  20. tnbrewer371

    autolysis a myth?

    i think it is, just opened a bottle of cider I used 1056 to ferment, I left the cider on the yeast for 3 months before bottling and there is no sign of anything wrong with it, or any off flavors. On top of that the yeast was under additionaly duress considering it was sitting below a cider that...