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  1. TeleTwanger

    Dry Hopping Question...

    I'm sure it wasn't the hops but even if it was its an anomaly..There's breweries that have been dry hopping for some 150 years.
  2. TeleTwanger

    Amarillo vs. Centennial

    I think Cascade is more like Centennial than Amarillo is. Simcoe and Amarillo is a great combo... Amarillo to me is more pineapple. I've bittered with simcoe, then flavor/aroma amarillo then dryhop both simcoe/amarillo with great success.
  3. TeleTwanger

    ESB first Partial Mash recipe

    whats the og 1.055 or so? That may be too much toasted malt, 2lbs of what is it amber? I'd do 2lbs of Marris Otter instead maybe and/or knock the toasted back to 10%.
  4. TeleTwanger

    Dry Hopping Question...

    All I do is clean and sanitize the bag the hops are in before opening and removing with gloved hands. THe hops themselves aren't a worry but depending on where the bags have been, you never know. I rinse the bag with water and spritz it with starsan.
  5. TeleTwanger

    Does a Spalt/Saaz combo work in Pilsner?

    spalt is great I use it for bittering in ales even, very clean. Go for it!
  6. TeleTwanger

    substituting hops... (again)

    challenger or northdown.
  7. TeleTwanger

    Plug hops?

    7$ is expensive! I know there used to be only like 1-2 plug machines in the US but they were never that much more than pellets or whole. I like plugs for flavor/aroma, I think they are almost as good as whole for that purpose. I break them up and sprinkle them on top of the boiling wort. You...
  8. TeleTwanger

    Shipyard Export Ale clone

    that looks good. I would up the crystal to a pound maybe if you want more sweetness and use torrified wheat... As far as the yeast, the brewery was named Ringwood and I'm not sure if that means they used Ringwood yeast...I think any British strain would work though, London Ale, Ringwood, etc...
  9. TeleTwanger

    ESB Question

    Seriously don't dismiss Fuller's, I've had awesome ones but most are sub-par due to travelling. Were talking one of the most famous and well regarded British breweries of all time. I live like 6 hours from Dogfish Head brewery and only about 1 out of 10 of the ones I drink have a decent hop...
  10. TeleTwanger

    Does Rice work Against CaraPils Dextrine ?

    I use torrified wheat for a crisp finish and head retention...Not sure if this can be used in a lager though.
  11. TeleTwanger

    What is your experience with these hops?

    willamette is a great Fuggle sub and glacier is a great fuggle/ek gold sub...Magnum is like Northern Brewer or any clean bitterng hop. None of those are like Cascade at all. Amarillo, and Centennial are Cascade-ish in aroma and all three are cheasy easy to find hop shortage or not.
  12. TeleTwanger

    yeast starter question

    2-3 days. There's 2 schools of thought: pitching starters at high krausen and pitching starters that have settled out. I do the latter.
  13. TeleTwanger

    ESB Question

    I think it's diacetyl. I've had draught London Pride that was really sweet, cotton candy tasting...If you want to get that unique flavor ship your homebrew to England and then go there yourself and drink it. The recipe I've got for thier ESB is pretty standard for English bitter: Marris Otter...
  14. TeleTwanger

    ESB Question

    was it cotton candy? marmalade?
  15. TeleTwanger

    Brown Shugga

    muscovado and rapidura is unrefined, crystalized sugarcane juice. American brown sugar is refined white sugar with molasses added. Turbinado sugar is slightly less refined white sugar that contains some molasses. (molasses is a byproduct of refining cane sugar) I use dark Muscovado from...
  16. TeleTwanger

    Recipe Critique Please: Extra Special Bitter

    I like the Spalt. Courage uses Hallertau and Styrian Goldings in thier bitters and they've been making ales in the UK since the 18th century.
  17. TeleTwanger

    Want to brew a "red" beer and there is a catch...

    I use black malt for red. .5-1oz. You can use British Black Patent or Belgium debittered black, either way you get some red and no flavor.
  18. TeleTwanger

    Whole Hop Source: Target,Challenger,Northdown?

    Yeah that's what I figured. I've got plenty of Challenger and Northdown in pellets but I'm gonna be making some Bitters that only use about 2oz so I'd rather use whole but I'm not totally opposed to pellets. Although I love the EK Gold and Fuggle which can both be easily found in whole I really...
  19. TeleTwanger

    all grain stout

    mmm stout 5lbs pale malt 2lbs flaked barley 14oz roasted barley 1oz acidulated malt .8oz Target 60min .5oz Challenger 30min og 1.048 ibu 38
  20. TeleTwanger

    Saaz/Tettnang replacements?

    go to SF Brewcraft, they have all those hops.