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    Source of High temp silicone tubing at a good price

    I am in need of purchasing some replacement tubing for my brewery. High temp with at least some visibilaty to liquid in tubing is preferred. Somebody know of a good source?
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I am interested in this unit as a two stage controller. I want it to both heat and cool my 15 gallon conical sitting within a refrigerator located in a cool 45F garage: http://www.ebay.com/itm/All-purpose-Temperature-Controller-STC-1000-Whit-sensor-/320628773067 What other equipment might I...
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    Dr. Francois, I did not have the controllers probe attached to the side of the conical. I recognize that as a brewermaster's mistake. I usually do tape it appropriately but was tired from a long brew day and let it go. Lesson learned, BTW.
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I do think that constant 60F is the issue. That, along with 15 gallons beginning to heat up due to its own fermentation process and, an brewer error. I left the Johnson's probe loose in the chamber rather than taped to the side of the fermentor as I usually have done in the past.
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    Johnson makes both a single as well as a dual controller. I have the single. It looks to me as though the one you quoted is a dual. A STC-1000 controller was noted above. I am thinking that product will allow me a two stage controller for both heating and reducing temperatures based on the...
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I was running both the heat lamp and the frig at the same time. I will be ordering a two stage controller, but I believe that the refrigerator will not kick in at all. So, could I simply use my Johnson single stage and have it control the heat source and forget about the frig aspect?
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I think this is the real issue. I had been away for a few days during most of the fermentation and the temp was 64F when I got back.
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    Fermenting in a refrigerator placed in a cold garage.

    I have my 15 gallon conical placed in a temperature controlled refrigerator. That refrigerator is located in my garage where the ambient temp is around 45F. My Ranco controller works very well in the warm months as it controls the refrigerator. It does not provide the heat needed to get up...
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    Problem using silicone tubing

    I used some sort of metal clamp for awhile. I had trouble with air leaks and somebody told me to try using small zip ties. I use two at each fitting and do not tighten them too mush. Have had zero problems since.
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    Cheapest Sanitizer

    Mix up your starsan using distilled water. Clean everything with cleaning chemicals, rinse and sanitize with the Star San. Return the Star San to a glass container and reuse for almost ever. Every now and then check the PH level. If your gut says dump it, do so.
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    5L Flask - Need stir plate advice

    I use a 5L flask for building my starters. My starters are usually in the 2.5L range. I currently use a homemade stir plate and want to get a new one. I found one from Bell's General Store and am wondering if anybody has experience with it. Specifically, will it work with my 5L flask...
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    Lots of mold.

    I would replace all of the rubber as indicated above. The only thing I would change is adding a sanitation step to all rubber and hardware prior to reassemble.
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    Drill for a Barley Crusher

    The other thing to consider is that about ten years ago John Menard pleaded out on a charge that he took arsenic from his company and put it into the residential garbage waste stream. So this billionaire paid a $10,000 fine and you and I got stuck with the potential clean up of our water.
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    $500 to spend on upgrading. What should I do?

    When I first got into making starters I was brewing 5 gallon batches. I bought a 5L flask and loved it. Then, when I went to 10G batches I had what I needed. I am now purchasing and upgrading equipment for a 15 G brewery and will not have to purchase another flask. Don't buy things...
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    My Brew Shed in the works, guidance needed.

    Malt dust spread around. BTW - please use the quote function so we know the source of your comments. It allows us to follow your thread more efficiently.
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    Cleaning Ball Valve

    I six years as a brewer I have never paid particular attention to my hot side ball valves. That said, on the post brew day cold side, I have been known to run sanitation products through the valves fully open, a bit less open, somewhat open then closed. I know how the valve operates...
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    $500 to spend on upgrading. What should I do?

    Begin saving money to reinvest in your brewery. TrocChris has a great idea. If I might refine it a bit....Head down to the DIY forum and make a stir plate yourself. Need a flask to enhance your yeast? Consider where you want to go as a brewer and do not purchase too small so you end up...
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    My Brew Shed in the works, guidance needed.

    Looks good Brian. A word of caution....many brewers are concerned with crushing malt in the area they also ferment. My plan is to separate the two processes. Dunno just a thought others may comment upon.
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    My Brew Shed in the works, guidance needed.

    Cyber...I look out my window and it is snowing. I expect 4"s overnight. Ran into St. Paul to pick up supplies at Northern Brewery today. Rushed back home because between the town rd. and my home is a trout stream. My bridge crossing that stream is real, real close to flooding. I made it...