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  1. Trevor Mack

    FREE TEST for Inkbird new product IBS-TH2 temperature sensor

    I've always thought of throwing a temp sensor in my keezer to make sure there aren't massive temp swings one direction or another. If you need more testers I'll sacrifice my time to do that for you 🍻
  2. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Last 42hr to get in on the second and last PicoFree purchase. Shipping is still being worked out, but there is a chance to get out of China factory before CNY. There have been folks posting about their new found "freedom" on the Facebook group. Reach out if you have questions, want additional...
  3. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    Someone just uploaded this to the Facebook group for converting a Z step filter to be compatible with the Zymatic. Photos kinda suck, but hey better than nothing. At the end are "packing" instructions that look to be how these would have been packaged to ship.
  4. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    Whatever you end up trying definitely come back with lessons learned or how the process went for you as if is only a matter of time unt the next is in the same boat.
  5. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    The Pico-free isn't a "step filter" made from Polycarbonate, but rather a filter insert (shaped like a picopak). There currently isn't at mold for the step filters and this is the single most problematic issue I see for the future. There was talk from the main assembly line worker from Picobrew...
  6. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Pico users

    For those that haven't been following along on Facebook. Also if you missed the first run we have gotten word from the factory they are open for a second run and if we get orders in soon we could get them to do the run before Chinese New Year, but regardless this will be the last run they are...
  7. Trevor Mack

    🔥New Product Giveaway🔥 - Inkbird Infrared Thermometer Gun

    Added to my cart. Awesome giveaway for a new product sku keep it up Inkbird.
  8. Trevor Mack

    50% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $27.49 can get one

    man if only I waited another 2 days :coff3:
  9. Trevor Mack

    New Product Giveaway🎁 - Inkbird Brewing Heat Mat

    count me in, I just grabbed a seedling mat at the end of the year but can always use extra heating equipment for the cold winter months or at least the remainder of them... and I've only heard that kveik will need it even in the summer
  10. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Picobrew Zymatic for Sale (NoVA)

    Is this a duplicate? Virginia - Picobrew Zymatic for Sale
  11. Trevor Mack

    Virginia Picobrew Zymatic for Sale

    Buyer beware that the parent company, Picobrew, is out of business (went through receivership). The equipment is still great for what it is, but with the company out of business there are a number of things you need to do yourself (maintenance and all debugging, the Zymatic forum/topic is great...
  12. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Zymatic

    For those looking for a bit more hand holding or just some colorful commentary on how to install/flash a downloadable .img file from GitHub onto an SD card (ie raspberrypints, brewpi, tiltpi, etc). I've done just that for the "chiefwigms" picobrew-pico server that had been referenced several...
  13. Trevor Mack

    Pressurized fermenter 7 gallon

    Oh right! That comes in the Unitank model... My bad thanks for the correction as the Chronical what go up to 5-7psi for transfer pressure. Forgot that for a second.
  14. Trevor Mack

    Pressurized fermenter 7 gallon

    Did you check the sale listings there are 2 I know of that haven't sold yet. One in Chicago and another in Kansas City. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/threads/ss-brewtech-chronical-bme-7g-chicagoland-area.688062/...
  15. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Ss Brewtech Chronical BME 7g Chicagoland area

    I'd take it if I were in or around the Chitown area unfortunately can't make the 15 HR drive worth it lol.
  16. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Kansas City Area Home Brewing Equipment For Sale

    Would recommend changing title to be more reflective of what this "equipment lot" is. Mostly calling out the SS Brewtech Chronical and kegs.
  17. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Kansas City Area Home Brewing Equipment For Sale

    If you were closer I'd take the whole lot off your hands easily. Good price I'm sure someone will see it.
  18. Trevor Mack

    Picobrew display

    Did this work for your needs?
  19. Trevor Mack

    PicoBrew Z Question

    I agree leave this in as to not drain the grain too quickly allowing the SF to fill up appropriately.