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    Munich malt based ale recipes?

    I'm showing an expected color of ~12 SRM using 100% German Munich Light, according to Brewer's Friend. BJCP says the style can range from 7-19 SRM. Munich based stout would be nice too.
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    Munich malt based ale recipes?

    American Strong Ale with 100% Munich is something I was actually thinking of brewing within the next couple months. 100% Munich malt, and then hop it up with the classic C hops like Cascade, Centennial and Columbus. My plan is to ferment it with WY1007.
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    last minute opinions on this West meets East IPA?

    I like it. Nice hop choices. I'm willing to bet that Conan will finish a bit lower than 1.018, assuming you oxygenate and pitch the proper amount of yeast.
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    First Berliner

    With your low starting gravity, I'm thinking US-05 might get below 1.010. I've had Nottingham get me down to 1.008 for a low OG Blonde before. I've spoken to Lance at Omega about his Lacto blend multiple times and he always stresses the use of NO HOPS before the Lactobacillus blend is added...
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    IPA Request

    Sterling would be a good hop for a "spicy" IPA.
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    Saison Recipe Design

    I like to keep Saison's grain bills as simple as possible. If it were my recipe, I'd probably drop the oats. The wheat should take care of the mouthfeel/head retention itself. Also, it seems that most people on this forum agree that a minimum of 15% Rye is recommended in order to get any...
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    Hopstand - 5 types of hops too much?

    I actually did an APA a couple months back with those hops exactly. It came out very nice. I also do 3 gal batches. Mine was a bit mellower on the hop profile and I hopped at about the same rate you're planning on. Up the hop stand hops a bit, and I would also jack the dry hop up to ~3 oz. The...
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    IPA input

    When you add the hops at flameout, let the wort sit for about 30 mins or so before chilling. This is called a hop stand. The wort will still be near boiling, but will slowly start to cool. Different hop oils are extracted at different temperatures. Hop stands are very popular for adding tons of...
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    Looking for hops suggestions - hoppy blond?

    I guess you could call it a session IPA if you wanted to. I would lean more towards calling it a hoppy blonde. A session IPA, to me, would have a bit more IBU (40-50), and a bit more late hops/dry hops.
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    IPA input

    I agree with moving most of those 5 min additions to flameout. Maybe 2.5 oz cascade at 5 and 5 oz Simcoe/Centennial at flameout. I would also up the dry hop to 4 oz.. that's just me tho. Probably 2 oz Simcoe, 1 oz each Cascade/Centennial in the dry hop. I like a screaming hop aroma. The grain...
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    Looking for hops suggestions - hoppy blond?

    That'll work. I was thinking something like this: .5 oz Centennial @ 60 .5 oz Centennial @ 15 .5 oz Motueka @ 10 and 5 1 oz each at Flameout. Dry hop w/ 1 oz each 5 days before bottling/kegging. This should get you around 30 IBU and a nice hop presence, but not overwhelming.
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    Looking for hops suggestions - hoppy blond?

    I like your idea. Motueka is an awesome hop, works very well in a dry hop. Before reading the post, I was going to suggest Centennial. I think it will pair well with the Motueka also. When are you planning on adding the "flavor addition"?
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    Imperial IPA Recipe critique?

    Yeah wayyy too much dextrose. You want to be somewhere in the 5-10% range when it comes to dextrose in IPAs. You also need more hops at the end of the boil as well as the dry hop. 2.5 oz in the dry hop is about what I use for my regular IPAs and I do 3 gallon batches.
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    Bravo and El Dorado hops?

    El Dorado is a great hop. One of the most fruity hops I've brewed with and has always come through very aromatic/flavorful in all the brews I've made with it. My only encounter with Bravo was in a Comet/Bravo IPA my LHBS made a few months back. I thought it was delicious, but I think the Comet...
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    I want a new type of ipa

    I have also been trying to get away from all the 'cool kid' hops like Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo etc. Not long ago, I did a Chinook/Saaz IPA w/ WY1318. It turned out very nice. More piney/floral/spicy than citrusy like most IPAs out there. I'd say just try some unorthodox hop combos in a normal IPA...
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    Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA

    http://www.sierranevada.com/beer/seasonal/beer-camp-tropical-ipa They always give you the hops/malts used in their beers. It really is Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Comet.
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    Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA

    According to my calculations, 1 oz at 10 and 5, plus the 1 oz Amarillo at 60 will get you right around 55 IBU. I just assumed ~15 AA% on the 4 hop mix at 10 and 5 mins.
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    Sierra Nevada Tropical IPA

    I like this beer, too. +1 on AZ IPA's grain bill. For hops, I might do something like: 1 oz of Amarillo at 60. Then maybe 1/4 oz each Mosaic/Citra/Comet/El Dorado at 10 and 5. 1 oz each at flameout for a whirlpool. Then dryhop w/ 1 oz each
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    Citra / Maris Otter SMASH Pale Ale - No Bittering Addition

    If the milled grain is in a good environment (dry, sealed in a bag/bin) it should keep for a while. IMO, the fresher the better. It just doesn't sound like good practice for a LHBS to me, but if they have good turnover, I guess it's not a huge deal.
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    Citra / Maris Otter SMASH Pale Ale - No Bittering Addition

    This sounds like terrible practice to me. How long is this milled grain sitting in bins? The quality of the malt falls off in a much shorter period of time when it is milled. I have never seen any LHBS store their grain like that.