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  1. Seedly

    Northern Brewer bad crush!!!

    Not a bad idea really. If more people did this when they got a bad crush, they would start crushing finer in a hurry
  2. Seedly


    The best description I got for acetaldehyde (from a Master Cicerone during a class) was "the smell that really drunk people have on their breath". Being an ex-cop, I instantly made the connection to every really bad DUI/PI I had ever hooked up. Judging by your comment of "cheap whiskey", Im...
  3. Seedly

    Question about calculating mash thickness

    I have a 10 gallon pot that I plan on using for an E-BIAB vessel. It has a nice false bottom that was made for it that I was going to use to keep the bag off the element. My concern is that the false bottom sits at about the 2 gallon mark, leaving 2 gallons below the grain. When calculating...
  4. Seedly

    BIG IRS recipe question

    Maybe its just me, but for all IRS issues I go to a licensed accountant... But to get serious...if you want to dry out the beer, you need to reduce the amount of complex sugars that they yeast cant break down. I would consider dropping your mash temp by 5-10 deg. You are having to trade off...
  5. Seedly

    91.3% efficiency?

    I think the sugar may have made it in the wort. No way you hit that OG with those grains. Are you sure you forgot the brown sugar?
  6. Seedly

    Are u irritated by complex recipes like i am?

    url[=http://www.instructables.com/id/Brewing-Beer-With-Science/][/url] (not mine, but hilariously relevant for the image alone) That said, there was a poll on here asking if HBTers were engineers or non-engineers. 40% of our population self-reported as engineers. That alone should tell you...
  7. Seedly

    How to achieve a dryer finish?

    To be fair, this is in the AG forum
  8. Seedly

    How to achieve a dryer finish?

    Uhh, I think you meant high 140's :drunk: As others have said, there are different enzymes that activate at different temperatures during the mash and they affect the body and fermentability of the beer. Your 3 basic enzymes are - alpha-amylase: does most of the heavy lifting, turning...
  9. Seedly

    NEWBIE: Help!!

    Just to make sure we are all understanding your process correctly, are you doing things in the below order: 1) heat water to 150-160 2) steep grains for 30 min 3) remove grains 4) heat to boiling while adding extract 5) add hops while boiling 6) remove hops after boil 7) cool to below 70 8)...
  10. Seedly

    what style of beer does this fall into?

    Well, generally yes. But, 160 is the upper end that sacchrification happens at (turning starch into sugar). If you strayed a degree or two high, you would denature the enzymes that convert the starch to sugars and be simply steeping. 152-158 is the most common range for mashing, although there...
  11. Seedly

    First competition and first medal!

    Im dropping off a pair of beers today for a competition here in CO in January. Really excited! I want to hope for your outcome, but Im a bit afraid to jinx myself! Congrats!
  12. Seedly

    Grain crush difference from eHBS...

    60-65%. Considering my "Setup" consist of a 5-gal pot and a second pot for heating sparge water, I thought I was doing ok. Im pretty happy with 71%.
  13. Seedly

    Grain crush difference from eHBS...

    Numbers are in, efficiency was 71%! Not bad for BIAB (especially when your using one hand to hold the grain bag and the other to bail sparge water!)
  14. Seedly

    Grain crush difference from eHBS...

    ...or why im adding a grain mill to my Christmas list. Picture says it all. Left is MoreBeer, right is Northern Brewer: I had the grain on the left as leftovers from my last batch. I had been using MoreBeer for about 6 months and just before I started all-grain brewing. I was shocked at...
  15. Seedly

    Gamma amylase rest

    I would focus on limit dextrinase, which can break 1-6 bonds. Its optimum temp is similar to beta amylase at 140-145°F and ph of 5.1, both of which will not harm your mash. Just remember that the limit dextrins left over by the alpha and beta amylase contribute a large part of the body of the...
  16. Seedly

    Late extract addition

    A lower boil gravity will lead to higher hop utilization. If you want a hoppier beer, I say go for it!
  17. Seedly

    Very low mash temperature

    More than likely you got full conversion, but had more beta-amalyse and limit-dextrines reactions, making for a more fermentable wort that will have less residual sweetness and body in the finished beer. This may lead to a lower FG than you had planned. As an example, I had a Belgian Golden...
  18. Seedly

    Having an Gravity issue

    A few questions that might help zero in on your problem: - What yeast were you using and what temp did you pitch it at? - What was your expected OG? Did you hit it? Do you know what kind of efficiency you got? - Did you have any issues with the mash? By my math, it looks like you hit 5.3%...
  19. Seedly

    Lactose - amount at post-fermentation

    For lactose, it shouldnt matter when you add it to the beer. I for one add it at flame out to make sure it has time to fully dissolve in the wort. To get an idea of how lactose is going to affect your beer, try tasting it. Notice how it isnt very sweet for raw sugar, but is more mildly sweet...