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  1. K

    Is my Wyeast okay?

    Thanks man! Unfortunately don't have a LHBS, live in a small town in central IL, but will use the LME. Sorry for the rookie question, basically am at the point where I just follow instructions but am slowing learning brew science. Appreciate the help and knowledge.
  2. K

    Is my Wyeast okay?

    Thanks guys! I youtubed yeast starter kit, don't have any DME, have some LME that came w/ the recipe kit, can I use a little of that or will that throw off the beer? Also, the packet is almost fully swollen now, is it safe to use?
  3. K

    Is my Wyeast okay?

    Using Wyeast 2112 Cal Lager. Usually, from my experience, Wyeast takes a couple hours to swell. This didn't do anything for a whole day or more. Finally, after 2 days I'd say its half swollen, maybe a little more. It was shipped in over 100 degree weather and I didn't refrigerate it for a few...