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  1. Seedly

    The Beer Bug

    Thanks for the link. Sounds like some sort of calibration issue on the pressure sensor. The last email update I got (yesterday), they said that they were finally in full production, but that they were having to discard quite a few bad units due to failing QA. Thus why I still dont have one yet...
  2. Seedly

    Beer already carbonated?!

    This is normal during the fermentation process. By the time your done dry hopping and clearing, it will have gone flat. Thats ok, because thats why we bottle prime or force carb.
  3. Seedly

    The Beer Bug

    Well, it was a gift so I dont know for sure, but I think it was about $120. Kinda steep for a hydrometer, but will definitely be a cool toy! And I will still be using a regular hydrometer during the brewing process to measure pre and post boil gravity. This just simplifies the process during...
  4. Seedly

    The Beer Bug

    Has anyone heard of this thing before? I just found out about it yesterday when my brother in law told me he signed me up for the kickstarter as a christmas gift: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/parasitx/the-beerbugtm-digital-hydrometer I am so psyched! Its supposed to arrive in...
  5. Seedly

    Fastest fermentation time?

    Yikes! Did it turn out alright? Glad to hear that 3 days or so is normal for ales. Before when I wasnt doing a starter, it would take upwards of 24hrs before anything happened and was taking almost a full week to attenuate. Guess using a starter really does make that much of a difference...
  6. Seedly

    Fastest fermentation time?

    I started doing starters and noticed my time to reach target gravity going way down, even on some bigger beers. The fastest I have experienced so far is a Porter that went from a 1.067 to a 1.018 in just 3 days. I had a very active air-lock in 4 hours and enough krausen to dirty the airlock...
  7. Seedly

    Ultra fast fermentation all grain

    I noticed a similar trend when I went to all-grain BIAB. Even with big beers (OG 1.09-1.10), I was getting full attenuation in less than a week. One thing I know I am probably doing different than most is using a multi-step mash with rests at 140-145 and 152-158 for varying lengths depending...
  8. Seedly

    Help Please?

    Not exactly the same, but similar: Speidel Tanks
  9. Seedly

    Stupid starter question...or is it?

    I always try to match the conditions of the final wort in my starter as often as possible. Making a high gravity beer? I make a high gravity starter (perhaps a little lower, but in the same ballpark)! Using fermentables other than malt? Put some in! So far Ive gotten good results.
  10. Seedly

    Ferment done in 4-5 days

    Another minor recommendation, never go off one gravity reading. Too many things can cause a poor reading (temp fluctuation, mis-calibrated hydrometer, human error). I usually take readings for 2-3 days to make sure that the gravity has stopped changing. Just because you hit the target gravity...