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  1. shafferpilot


    Ok, as a long time beer brewing member of this forum, I have absolutely no doubt that this has been both brought up and discussed before. As usual, I can't get the search to find the info I am looking for. I would like to get a bunch of apples, press them, strain the juice, boil the juice...
  2. shafferpilot


    Anyone have specific tricks or unique ingredients they use for their Gumbo?
  3. shafferpilot

    who needs a jetski

    When you could have one of these babies!
  4. shafferpilot

    Total SCORE!!

    So I'm bottling my new Christmas Stout recipe this evening and discovered a hidden score deluxe! I started kegging a few years ago and rarely bottle anymore.... unless it's the sort of beer I know needs to age for a while. So I'm shuffling around boxes of bottles, and low and behold, I find an...
  5. shafferpilot

    lager-like wild yeast

    I'm interested in trying to isolate yeast that prefers the lower lager-like temps to see what I find. I am curious if anyone has tried or heard about anyone else trying to isolate cold weather yeast. I was thinking of waiting till late fall and using the agar plate capture method, but then...
  6. shafferpilot

    Free "Equipment"

    Just came home from a Journey concert... with 7 fleece blankets and 3 tarps.... and I easily left 30 more decent blankets! Now SWMBO can't yell at me for wrapping fermenters in our bedware! SCORE!
  7. shafferpilot

    Some spice guidance needed

    So, I know most folks don't care for spiced beers. That's cool, just skip this thread cause I'm not looking for an argument over whether or not to spice beer, but how to do it subtly for a yummy thick Christmas warmer. Here's the base recipe. It's formed from leftovers I have onhand, but if...
  8. shafferpilot

    Dirty Laundry Red

    My take on an Irish Red. Too many microbreweries around here seem to think that a red needs to be super sticky sweet. I hate them all. I don't need to chew my beer or continue tasting it on my teeth for two days! I love using small amounts of different grades of Crystal to get a full flavor that...
  9. shafferpilot

    I grow things:)

    Of my four Cascade Rhizomes, this is the only one that has broken ground: And just for fun, here's a patch of Flox that almost croaked last year, but is growing like crazy this year!
  10. shafferpilot

    last hydrometer I'll ever buy?

    Anyone have any experience with plastic hydrometers? I found these: http://www.coleparmer.com/catalog/product_index.asp?cls=2414 They're not toys. Maybe not perfectly accurate, but neither are the cheapo hydros that I keep buying at $12 a pop. Heck I've already spent close to $50 on now...
  11. shafferpilot

    cruise liquor

    So SWMBO, I, and a group of friends are flying to Miami on Saturday to hop on a Royal Carribean cruise ship. After much debate, we've decided to take the risk of smuggling some liquor in our luggage. After much research we've determined that the worst that could happen would be to have our...
  12. shafferpilot

    One plant... but which one?

    So I know I'm gonna get 15 different recomendations, but here it goes. I'd like to grow one hop vine.... but not specifically because of the shortage (I'm pretty well stocked up.) but because I can't seem to get a vine to grow on the little fence next to my front door. The fence is a wood...
  13. shafferpilot


    I'm sure it's been asked, but I can't seem to find it. For my second round of apfelwine, I subbed in some berry juice. It's been fermenting for about 2 months now, and I'm pretty sure it's finished at around 1.003 (I also added a little malto-dextrine so I'm guessing that's why it didn't get...
  14. shafferpilot

    Not just for Noob's

    I just started rereading howtobrew.com. It's truly amazing how much more sense it makes than it did back at the begining of my obsession. I read it twice front to back and some section two or three more times. Now when I read it, I'm picking up on the little hints here and there. If you haven't...
  15. shafferpilot

    Why do I fly??

    This is why: I took a good friend of mine for a "hundred dollar hamburger" trip a couple weeks ago, and he finally got a chance to send me some of the pics he took. His camera is old and it sucks, but it managed to snap some OK pics. First off, where are we? If you look at the GPS...
  16. shafferpilot

    new argument against electric brew

    So I decide that this evening would be a great time to break in my newly rebuilt mash tun. It's gonna be a wheat beer I've been formulating for a couple weeks now. I decide to take Jamil's advice on adjuncts and put a pot of water on to boil. The idea is to boil the water, shut off the burner...
  17. shafferpilot

    pics first lager

    For those who don't believe in letting a beer take its time: This was my first lager. A month ago, it tasted like burnt corn grits and was cloudy as a Cincinnati day in April. Now it's a delightful full flavoured American Lager with the tell tale sweet corn over-tones. I'll be making this...
  18. shafferpilot

    DUI checkpoint!

    No complaints, cause I aced the BS testing procedure. just wanted to brag a bit. Reality is that I was probably close to the .08 limit. I pulled up to the checkpoint and rolled down the window after telling SWMBO "just follow my lead and if they take me out of the car DON'T tell them ANYTHING...
  19. shafferpilot

    Great Christmas Gift

    Last night I go to pour a pint.... but nothing came out of the tap???? A tiny leak in the lid of one of my cornies had drained my tank:( So this morning I head out to the local fire extinguisher facility for a refill. The guy that works the service bay recognised me and asked why I was back so...
  20. shafferpilot

    Everyone Ready??

    Three more days till the Mr Beer influx. I've got my standard answers all set in a word document on my desktop (thanks to whoever it was who made that suggestion), I've practiced hitting Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V without looking. I refilled my anti-depressent prescription. I think I'm ready, how 'bout...