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    What to do with a bucket that's had an infection

    So I got an infection. It's in a brand new bucket too! It does have a plastic spigot as well. I suspected a bad batch of yeast due to no airlock activity after 4 days so I took a gravity sample through the spigot. Not sure if that's how I introduced the nasties or when I pitched new yeast...
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    Brewie automated system

    Has anyone heard about this or have any feedback? Fully automated brewing and full size batches compared to the pico brew. At the same price as well. brewie.org
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    Why is my beer sweet?

    Brewed a Belgian pale and I'm picking up on a kinda sweet smell. I take a drink and it tastes just like that smell I'm getting. My FG was 1.011 so I don't feel like that's my problem. Maybe it is. Here is the recipe. 90 min boil for the Pilsner malt
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    Turning pick tube up valve into racking arm?

    Wanting to try fermenting in my keggle. Is their anyway I could spin my ball valve/pickup tube assembly to use it as a racking arm. I see where the new anvil kettle ferment kit add a Teflon washer in between the valve to allow it to spin. Think this could work for me?
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    Oops 90 min boil added hops at start instead of 60

    Doing a Belgian with Pilsner malt so doing a 90 min boil. Forgot and added my bittering hops at the start rather than 60. Should I just do a 60 min boil but boil it as hard as I can? Or maybe 75? Just worried it may be too bitter. .5 oz of magnum went in. Shooting for only a30 ibu beer.
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    So frustrated with my IPA's!

    I'm about to give up on them. I cannot make an IPA to save my life. Basic grain bills........2row,oats,a little carapils. I use bru'n water to estimate my mash ph and for adjusting my RO water. Mash at 152 and a 60 min boil. 4 oz citra at FO and 4 more at 165 degrees. Boil kettle covered...
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    Trying to tweak my Belgian Pale Ale

    So I brewed this batch up 8 weeks ago and it's pretty good. It actually won a local competition. Nonetheless it's not my favorite and I want to see what else I could do to it. It seems to have a slight my sweet, tangy kinda smell that corresponds with the same type of taste. It's not...
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    Waxed floss ok?

    Wanting to dry hop in my keg tying a paint strainer bag to my handle with floss. All I can find is waxed floss. It's unflavored at least. I'm going to boil my bag and tube. Should I throw the floss in there as well?
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    Ball lock disconnect clogging during transfer

    Trying to do a closed transfer from my primary to keg but my ball lock disconnect going to the keg always seems to clog up right where it connects to the keg and I end pulling it off and running the hose into an open keg. Kinda defeats the whole purpose. Anything I can try? Hoping to transfer a...
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    Keg conditioning using Candi Syrup

    Have a Belgian Pale ale that I want to keg condition. I would like to use CSI's simplicity syrup. They list amounts needed for bottles but not corny kegs. I know typically kegs use about half the amount of sugar than bottles for carbing. Wondering if if that would hold true for syrup? I emailed...
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    Hoppy Belgian pale ale

    I have a comp coming up at a brewery and I have to brew a Belgian pale ale. I really want to get away from the typical pepper, coriander with heavy esters and clove. Obviously still use a Belgian yeast but one a little more subtle. Or one that pairs with hops better. On that note what would be a...
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    eBay thermowell

    Not really a thermowell but it's a stainless Rtd temp probe that's sealed. It's also got 1/2 npt threads so it will fit into my fast fermenter. They say it's 304 stainless. Think it's ok to use?
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    Trying to eliminate 02

    In my quest to make my IPA kegs's hop aroma and flavor last longer I'm really trying to limit as much 02 as possible. I'm getting great flavor and aroma for about a week after I keg then it's all downhill. I've always tried to rack from either a carboy cap or bucket via spigot into a purged keg...
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    Liquid vs. dry yeast in a "Big" beer

    So taking a stab at the Dark Lord clone in this months BYO. It calls for 4 packs of liquid yeast in a 3.7l starter. Two packs of 1056 and 2 packs of 1968. The pitch is a little high but I certainly understand why considering the SG of 1.169. I currently only have a 2l flask for starters and a...
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    Mash tun losing 5+degrees

    Over my hour rest I'm losing at least 5 degrees in my 10g Rubbermaid cooler. Generally using about 13 pounds of grain so not a lot in there. What can I do to help this out? I've seen the reflectix stuff but how much does that help as the smallest roll is 20$.
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    Adding an element to a conical

    I've been looking at the BIAC's from Brau supply and brewHa. I would love to get one but the 2k plus investment is a little salty for me. That being said I've been looking at the Bru gear 14g conical for 500$. It has a tri clover thermowel port that I could install an element in for boiling and...
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    Aerating wort while whirlpooling

    Just wondering if this is a concern? I usually whirlpool by letting my chugger pump go full speed to whip those hops around.
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    Co2 Leaking from pressure release valve

    Trying to figure out if I should buy a new valve or replace the whole lid. Which of the two generally goes bad? I did put some keg lube on the valve threads and it slowed considerably.
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    3 ipas in a row with a murky brown color

    Last 3 ipa's that I've brewed have had a weird brown color to them. First one had omega's Conan yeast. Second had 1272 and latest had Imperial's version of Conan yeast. So I thinks it's safe to assume it's not the yeast. Simple grain bills with 2 row, Vienna and oats. All have fully attenuated...
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    Keep missing OG's

    Simple 10g cooler with bazooka screen. Tried single and double batch sparge but still leaving sugars behind. Took a gravity reading yesterday as the last of the sparge runnings were coming out and it was still 1.023! So no wonder I'm missing my pre-boil Gravity. I use a cereal killer grain mill...