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    Basement Buikld-out

    Since I've moved past the price issue, I thought I'd start a separate thread for the rest of the build out. SWMBO has finally agreed to start the build. I'm suspecting this is going to take a while to complete. Still laying out the design for the brew room, I can only get approximately 8 1/2...
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    Wine stuck at 1

    SWMBO wanted to try a wine kit, so I bought her one. First step getting wine into Carboy was easy. Second step was also easy reading was 1.010. However she's stuck at 1.00 now and the instructions call for the wine to be st .996 before adding the finning agents. She did move the carboy...
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    Daughter left PBW in brewers bucket for a week

    My daughter called me tonight she was cleaning out some of her brewer buckets and forgot about one on the side of the house it had PBW in it for about a week, any chance it damaged the bucket? I have never left mine out lol told her I'd ask the resident experts
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    Gas leak lost the keg

    We had a keg on a CO2 line but apparently there was a leak in the connection with the ball valve because it leaked all of the gas out and the beer keg is like flat as an pancake. Dammit I hate it when that happens!
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    Water Quality Reverse Osmosis - Needed?

    As we all know, water quality drives beer flavor and quality. Our home is on a farm with a well. The well is deep (460 feet). We do however see sediment come up and there is a whole house filtration system that traps out most of the particulates. SWMBO bought a water filter that you put...
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    basement buildout - Pricey!

    Had a local designer / builder/ developer come out today and take a look at my basement to determine if we would be able to build it out including family room, bathroom with shower, bar and area for brewing. Envisioning something along the line of Kal's buildout but with my own taste and flavor...
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    Brewmometer from Blichmann

    I happen to like the adjustable thermometers from Blichmann. In the new SS Brewtech kettle I have there is a 13/16" pre-punched hole for the thermometer, has anyone used the Blichmann adjustable in the brew tech kettles? I know its a 1/2" NPT just not sure about nut size.
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    Gots me a new kettle (haven't decided mash / boil)r

    Picked up a brewtech 20 gallon kettle :) I'm always excited getting new toys! Now I need to decide if I'm going to use it as a mash tun or boil kettle :) I could also set it up as the HLT...
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    Anvil vs. Blichmann

    I know they are the same manufacturer, but from what they look like to me, the blichmann is high polished SS whereas anvil looks like brushed metal... Are the bottoms the same? Any difference worth noting? I'm looking to upgrade a couple of kettles to 20 gallons (switching over to all...
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    Never tried this (adding sugar to secondary)

    Just curious what everyone thinks. Just started brewing after a two year absence (prostrate cancer) and enjoyed brewing a kolsch last week. Figured I might toss a bit of corn sugar in the carboy during the secondary to drive tge abv up a tad... it smelled ok coming out of the bucket...
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    Can I run two elements in the boil kettle?

    I'm curious if anyone else is running multiple elements in their boil kettle? I was thinking about running two in order to get the water up to boil faster, but I'm also worried about overload and overcooking the wort too. Ideas or suggestions? This is for a brand new build so...
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    Planning to build the mancave/brewhouse

    Well I have decided along with the SWMBO to finally get around to purchasing some property this spring/summer and build her stable. Off the stable in some fashion I'm going to build a man cave / brewhouse. My plan is all electric with everything pid controlled and with the ability to brew...
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    Knowing the properties of the various grains

    I have been searching for an answer to this for a while, and maybe my google search abilities have degraded with all the alcohol consumption I've been doing with the home brew :) but I haven't really found an answer to it. How do you know what tastes or properties a particular grain will...
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    Need a dark recipe for daughter

    My daughter is visiting this thanksgiving, I only get to see her a few times a year (in her infinite wisdom she moved to Minnesota) and her sister and I want to brew her a beer as a surprise. She prefers dark beers, nothing heavy in IBU's, just a good all around tasting beer. I don't have...
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    Taking a keg on a trip

    Ok we are headed out camping tomorrow. I've had a kolsh in the frig on co2 for a week to get it good and carbed. My question is I have to transport it in the back of the pickup. Will the beer retain its carbonation even though its going to get good and warm by the time we get to our...
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    Anyone filled a sankey keg with coupler

    I was in the home brew store tonight and was looking at a sankey coupler. It looks like you could remove the plastic insert and remove the back flow preventer ball and full the keg through the gas connector. Has anyone actually tired filling them that way? Had anyone tried
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    Finished up another Kolsch

    and put it in the fermentation bucket. Mash temp was running a little higher than normal (154) and my boil off was a tad more than I was shooting for.... but I ended up with around 4.8 gal in the bucket. OG came out at 1.056 recipe was calling for 1.050 so that ran a little higher than...
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    Have a question on this Kolsch Recipe

    I stumbeld across the following recipe this morning: All Grain Recipe - Kolsch ::: 1.048/1.012 (5 Gal) Grain Bill 9 lbs. - Pilsner Malt (German if you have it) 1/2 lb. - Munich Malt (Light, 10L) 1/2 lb. - Wheat Malt Hop Schedule (14 IBU) 3/4 oz - Northern Brewer (60 Min.) 1/4 oz -...
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    My local hbs switched out the npt brewmometer for the weldless however my Gatorade mash tun appears to have too thick a wall to use this lol Sometimes I get sooooo mad at myself