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  1. robbo007

    Fermentis SafLager S189

    Hello all, I'm trying a different yeast strain and doing a "sort of bohemian Pilsner". When I say sort of its because I can only get my FV down to 7 degrees for the lagering stage. I primary fermented to the desired gravity then moved it to another FV to "lager" 14 days. Question:Will this...
  2. robbo007

    Ideal temperture to age in oak barrels

    Hi all, I have no cold room in my brewery and just wondering has anyone seen results of ageing beer in oak barrels at about 20 degrees? A general consensus is the ideal temperature for ageing in barrels is about 10 degrees celsius but alas I can't get my cellar down to that temp. Many...
  3. robbo007

    Ageing in Oak Barrels question

    Hi all, I want to start experimenting with ageing in oak barrels. Do I stay with the standard 5-7 days primary fermentation then pass it straight to the oak barrel or do I need to prime with dextrose as I would for bottling, then pass it to my oak barrel? Thanks,
  4. robbo007

    Is it necessary to do a yeast starter for washed reused yeast?

    Hi all, I've checked out the info on yeast washing in my case I use dry yeast (Fermentis SafeAle 04) and was wondering if its necessary to create a yeast starter kit to use this washed yeast in the next brew? Or can you just pour it in? Thanks, Rob
  5. robbo007

    Ideal temp for storing finished beer and secondary fermentation

    Hi all, I've only got space in my microbrewery for one cellar where I do the secondary in bottle fermentation and store my finished beer in bottles and kegs. In winter it gets down to 16 degrees celsius. Will this be a problem? Its my first winter with this setup so not sure if I need to...
  6. robbo007

    Storing crushed grain 25kgs sacks in high humidity

    Hi all, Where I live its quiet humid and my grain room is around 70% humidity. Just wondering how this will affect my stored crushed grain? I store on wooden pallets off the floor in the 25kg sacks. Anyone had any experience with high humidity? Should I think about buying a dehumidifier?
  7. robbo007

    Marris Otter vs Weyermann BOHEMIAN FLOOR PILSNER

    Hi all, Having trouble locating malts where eI'm located. I normally use as base malt Marris otter for my pale ales as it seems to give amazing results. I can't get this anymore and the sales chap is saying that Weyermann BOHEMIAN FLOOR PILSNER malt is the same more or less. Anyone had...
  8. robbo007

    Bottling temp

    Hi, What's the recommended temperature for leaving your bottled beers for the carbonisation process?/ secondary fermentation? Reason I ask is I brew a all grain pale ale and sometimes it comes out with this horrible chemical taste. I do the same process, same ingredientes every time but...
  9. robbo007

    Bottling process craft ales

    Hi everyone, I'm setting up a small micro brewery and got everything pretty much worked out. Just need to define the bottling process. I will be bottling all me beer in 330ml bottles and will be bottle conditioned. My fermentation vessels (FV) are 400L. Whats the best way to bulk prime...
  10. robbo007

    Coopers Dark Ale Recipe?

    Anyone got a all grain clones for this? Much appreciated. Rob
  11. robbo007

    Lager process

    Hi all, I'm on my second lager all grain and just wondering if you can clarify a point? I'm at the stage where the wort is in the primary fermentor and just finishing the d-rest or 48 hours. When I transfer to the secondary fermentor to start the lagering process do I also transfer the yeast...
  12. robbo007

    Pale Ale Fermentation question

    Hi all, I've been doing a nice all-grain pale ale recipe for some time now fermenting at around 22-24 degree's for the first fermentation then in the bottle at around 20 degree's for second in bottle carbonation. Works very well and tastes great. I recently read that some brewers after...
  13. robbo007

    Lager Bottling Additional yeast needed?

    Hi, I've going to do my second lager brew as the first one was not too good. I'm going to try and lager longer to get a better clearer brew. When bulk priming for bottling do I need to use any additional yeast with the dextrose? If so how much? I normally bulk prime 150g of Dextrose for...
  14. robbo007

    Recipe bettering

    Hi, Doing a Pale Ale recipe and wondering what grains or hops are responsible for the first flavours that hit your pallet? I've managed to get the after taste right just wanted to better the flavour when it first hits your pallet. Something a little sweeter. If I wanted to get it sweeter...
  15. robbo007

    How long beer lasts in a keg?

    Hi all, I've had my beer fermenting in the fermenter 4 weeks and will be going on holiday. Not sure if I should keg it or leave it in the fermenter. How long would it last in the keg?
  16. robbo007

    Yeast fermentation temps lager

    Hi all, I'm about to do my first controlled temperature all grain lager brew this weekend. I've got all my ingredients for the recipe and will try a clone the Bitburger lager. :rockin: I've mod'ed a bar fridge with a basic temp control system and I've run some tests with the fermentor inside...
  17. robbo007

    How to convert a recipe of 23L to 300L

    Ive been brewing a standard Pale Ale recipe in 23L plastic fermentors and want to scale up to use 300L fermentors. How would I go about converting the recipe to this? Thanks, Rob
  18. robbo007

    How to disconnect tube from C02 regulator?

    Hi everyone, I'm testing a corneilus keg with my latest brew and as kegging is new to me I'm trying to work out how to disconnect the 5mm tube from the gas line on the regulator? It was easy enough to connect. Just stuck it in but cant seem to pull it out. LOL I think it must have some sort...
  19. robbo007

    Micro Brewery layout

    Hi guys, I'm planing on starting a microbrewery. Just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on the layout of things? Its going to be small setup around 50m2 with: 1 bolier, 1 mash tun and 4 fermentors. looking at 500L per fermentor. What are some of the gottyas in planing the...
  20. robbo007

    HELP with carbonation bottles

    Hi everyone. After doing various batches of all grain brewing and fermenting in bottles I'm still not sure what is the best type of sugar for carbonation? I've tried normal caster (white) sugar and dextrose brewing sugar. Someone mentioned corn sugar but here in Spain I can't seem to...