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  1. verboten

    Michigan Chapman 14 Gallon ported with cooling and TC

    14 Gallon ported Chapman Univessel with 2" weldless TC and Cooling coil and thermowell installed in lid. Weldless 3 piece ball valve with 1.5" TC added. $180 With glycol I have crashed this down to 38 degrees with no insulation. I prefer not to ship, but if it comes to it buyer pays shipping.
  2. verboten

    Michigan IPB-16S

    in Used but like new condition. I have used this to control my RIMS tube, I have also used it in a 110V BIAB system. 1650W elements work well with it. I have upgraded to a larger element and can no longer use this. $95, or reasonable offer, buyer pays shipping
  3. verboten

    Michigan Spike+ 15 gallon mash tun kettle

    Spike+ V3 15 gallon kettle with great false bottom and center pickup tube. Weldless TC fitting in lid. I used this with a Wilser medium bag and a rims tube. Never used with propane. Moved to 20 gallon mash tun. Prefer not to ship, but if it comes to it, buyer pays shipping. $325, reasonable...
  4. verboten

    Michigan 240V Mash, RIMs or Boil controller BIAB

    Includes temperature alarm and Water Tight PT-100 RTD Sensor with 1/2" MPT Threads - includes 1.5" TC mount Includes 12' 10 Gauge SJOOW Power Cord, 4 prong dryer plug and 3 Prong twist-lock outlet Dryer plug can be converted to 3 prong, conversion instructions included Controls up to a 5500 Watt...
  5. verboten

    Michigan Anvil 7.5, chillers

    Anvil 7.5 gallon fermenter with cooling kit less pump, new inkbird - $180 1/10 HP chiller will maintain temp on 3 5 gallon anvils -$125 1/4 HP chiller, Active Aqua 6 months old will maintain 2 5 gallons while crashing one to ~ 40 degrees. It can go down to ~36 degrees -$300...
  6. verboten

    Mulberries and tart cherries

    Sunday I picked 8 pounds of tart cherries from my parents tree. Monday I picked 7.5 pounds of mulberries from my buddys tree (and got offered 2 of my own trees if I dig them up!) I also grabbed the first 4 cucumbers I haven't eaten for my gose I'm trying to come up with an idea for either...
  7. verboten

    And so it begins, The "Garage" build.

    I have had plans of building a brewery/bar in my house for 10 years, even before I owned a house! I knew I wanted it to be a dedicated space to brew and hang out. Finally, 2 years after buying my house, I have sorted the major projects and am beginning one of the biggest ones yet: Turning the...