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    Making a Brett starter for bottling

    I am planning on making a brett starter for bottling my sour beer. My current plan is to do a 500ml starter, then a couple days later add 500ml of the sour beer to prepare the brett for the acid shock. I was going to do this starter with corn sugar, since that is what I will be using for bottle...
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    630SS counter pressure bottle filling adapter

    As many of you may know, someone on here sold a bottle filling adapter for the 525 perlick faucet. This worked great! However the 630SS has a slightly smaller diameter faucet. Does anyone know of anyone selling a similar part? I dont want to lose the ability to fill off of the keg like I can...
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    Calculating how many gravity points a sugar/malt addition adds

    I want to feed my fermentation while it is still going. How do I calculate how many gravity points this will add to my beer?
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    !/2" MPT to 1/2" NPT or to 1.5" Tri Clamp

    I have someone that is selling a counterflow chiller that has 1/2" MPT threads on the beer out. I would like to place a 1.5" Tri Clamp on this fitting. Does anyone know a source for this? All I can seem to find are 1/2" NPT threaded fittings. Is there an adapter that would go from 1/2" MPT to...
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    Cyber Monday deals?

    Anyone know of any home brew stores offering cyber monday deals? I am specifically looking for a Johnson Controls a419
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    Replacing Blichmann thermometer with whirlpool port

    Has anyone else done this? Also, do you know if it would be possible to attach something to allow me to use my thermapen as the thermometer? I thought I saw something like this for a plate chiller setup but cant seem to figure out where this was.
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    California Hydro Flask growler - 4 tap stainless steel drip tray - Blichmann Hop Blocker

    Blichmann Hopblocker $40 - sold 4 tap stainless steel drip tray for a kegerator $60 64 oz stainless steel vacuum insulated Brew For All / All For Brew Hyrdro Flask growler $40 I am willing to ship, buyer pays actual shipping costs for their preferred carrier.
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    California Various equipment for sale

    Blichmann Hopblocker $40 4 tap stainless steel drip tray for a kegerator $60 64 oz stainless steel vacuum insulated Brew For All / All For Brew Hyrdro Flask growler $40 Willing to ship.
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    Which faucet angler will angle the handle vertically

    I purchased this angler and it does not angle the handle vertically on my perlick 525's. I foolishly assumed it would. Does anyone know of a brand that will? http://www.kegconnection.com/faucet-angler/
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    Thoughts on drilling through the side of a fridge

    I have the fridge in the linked parts list. I know that the condenser is at the bottom and the evaporator is inside the hump. I can also see lines going up the center of the back of the fridge. In your opinion, should I be safe to drill through the side of the fridge compartment? Thanks for...
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    Nitro faucet question

    To those with nitro faucet setups, how much clearance will I need for the push back feature of the handle? I assume I will have to add some washers for spacing since I have a upright fridge kegerator with the freezer door above the tap handles. This is the faucet I am going to be purchasing...
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    California For Sale - 64oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Growler

    I am selling a stainless steel vacuum insulated hydroflask growler. See the pictures. Asking $40 I am willing to ship and we can figure out the shipping if you would like to do that.
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    Reminder: GABF members only presale

    Happens in a little over a half hour. Anyone going? How will ticketmaster screw it up today!
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    John guest fittings - where to buy

    I want to get the shank and threaded disconnect fittings. I saw them on birdman brewing but they want almost $11 in shipping for those two parts.
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    Those with nitro tap setups

    What size tank do you use? How many (estimated) kegs do you get per tank fill?
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    Bowie Bottler - What o-rings?

    Anyone know what size o-rings are needed for the bowie bottler? I cant find my instructions and the original thread seems to have disappeared.
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    Protein rest for a dry stout?

    I want to brew the dry stout recipe from Brewing classic styles. The malt bill is as follows: 7 lbs British pale 2 lbs flaked barely 1 lb black roasted barely This if the first recipe in this book that I have seen call for a 15 minute protein rest (120F) then a sacchrification rest at 150...
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    Brown spots on leaves

    Anyone know what could cause this? I thought maybe over fertalization but I haven't fertilized for a couple weeks. Thanks in advance.
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    How to get refrigerator and freezer to open together on kegerator

    I have a upright fridge converted to a kegerator. I am limited to the standard plastic faucet handles because anything taller would get pushed open if I opened the fridge. I was wondering what others have done in this situation. I can't be the only one that has had this problem before. I was...
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    How long do you dry hop?

    I was wondering what everyone's preference is for dry hop length? Are there any advantages/disadvantages to a set amount of time? Please vote in the poll and give your reasoning if you feel like it. I usually do two weeks, but I have heard this is too long. :mug: