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  1. MyCarHasAbs

    Hard Cider Recipe - High Octane Version

    The original recipe is found here. Man, I love Apfelwein I just thought I'd share my experience in tweaking this recipe. Instead of one sachet of the yeast and 1lb of corn sugar, I used 4lb's of corn sugar and 2 sachets of the yeast. Hoe Lee F***. LMAO I reached 15% ABV. Happy Brewing!! :)
  2. MyCarHasAbs

    Is my Mash Tun Big Enough For This?

    I've got my buddy's imperial stout recipe this weekend. It calls for 23lbs of grain, I have a 10 gallon mash tun. According to some calculators, I'll need around 7 gallons of mash water to start with. This site says my mash will take up about 9 gallons of space...
  3. MyCarHasAbs

    Uhmmmm.. what's wrong with my keg?

    I have 2 kegs. Both have beer in them. I noticed the other day while shaking the newly kegged beer up there was a good liter or 2 of beer just sitting in the bottom of the chest freezer. No obvious signs of a leak anywhere. But I decided to place the suspected keg in a bucket outside the chest...
  4. MyCarHasAbs

    Kegged a High Gravity Beer - Taking a 7 Year Itch to Carbonate..

    Here’s the setup: 2 kegs, both filled, 10lb tank pretty fresh, dual regulators. The second leg has a low gravity beer I just started carbing up about 4 days ago. My RIS (9.5%) sat in the keg at about 8psi for 2.5 weeks. Sampled it, delicious.. but super flat. Learned my lesson, 8psi is...
  5. MyCarHasAbs

    I did something crazy, I bought a used Bourbon Barrel..

    My wife and I were at a brewery today and they were selling full sizes bourbon barrels they had recently used for $50. I was like.. "this is a steal and I eventually want to get into barrel aging my home brew". Merry Early Christmas to me. I have some questions for anyone who's had...
  6. MyCarHasAbs

    New Brew this weekend.

    One of the new beers I made this weekend in preparation for an office party in November. It’s named after Alterbridge.
  7. MyCarHasAbs

    WIP: Rye Porter

    I'm still working on it as there's nothing on the left hand side yet but the majority of the design is finished. I also need to update the label description running down the side.
  8. MyCarHasAbs

    Safe to store pre-started yeast elsewhere?

    I'm making two beers this weekend and I only have one stirplate and flask. I made the first starter last night but would like to give the second one at least 24 hours before pitching the second beer. I plan on brewing Friday evening and again Saturday evening. Can I transfer the first...
  9. MyCarHasAbs

    Can't Decrease PSI

    I let it sit for about 2 weeks on 10-12 PSI and got a little impatient so I upped it for 4-5 days at 15 PSI. Now I can't seem to turn it down below 14. The knob is turned out all the way to the left. Am I supposed to cut the gas off and sort of start over? EDIT: I should mention, the beer is...
  10. MyCarHasAbs

    Humming Sound: Normal?

    Never kegged before up until today. Watched several YouTube vids on how to operate the tank properly. Seemed to work just fine when I was cleaning the keg. Hooked it up after transferring my German pils to the tank and it's sitting in my fridge. There's a light humming sound, not a hissing...
  11. MyCarHasAbs

    Just got Keg and CO2 Cylinder

    I'm pretty sure the CO2 tank is empty but can someone confirm with this image? Tank is open all the way, regulator switch in closed position. Also, whoever owned the keg previously must have had mountain man super strength. The in and out connections are extremely tight.
  12. MyCarHasAbs

    Purchasing Kegging Equipment | What Am I Missing?

    First time getting into force carbing. Getting ready to start purchasing equipment and I want to make sure I've got everything. I'm going to buy as much used equipment as possible, I see no real sense in pissing money away on new equipment if used works just as well. 5 Gal Ball Lock w/ Picnic...
  13. MyCarHasAbs

    Power Outage in the middle of Brewing

    Was in the middle of reaching boil temp and the damn power went out. It's pretty windy here. Worst case scenario, I have to let it sit in the pot over night with the lid on and can't finish it till tomorrow night. The boil should kill all bacteria formed over night, right?
  14. MyCarHasAbs

    Styles of Beer You Just Can't Stand

    If you're like me, you love just about all styles; except for a very select few. What are they for you? For me: White IPA - to me this completely disregards the entire concept for 'balance' and personally I think it tastes disgusting. Coffee IPA - I do like the taste of coffee and I do...
  15. MyCarHasAbs

    Early Stages of Learning to Keg

    Been watching videos the last few nights picking up the basics. For the most part I understand what's going on. One thing hasn't been answered clearly. Do you have to have CO2 hooked up the keg "the entire time" in order draft beer from the line out? Or can you just hook it up for a few days...
  16. MyCarHasAbs

    How long will a yeast starter last?

    I was going to brew today and the starter has been in prep for about 24 hours. I've had an emergency come up and it doesn't look like brewing is going to work out. Worse case scenario, I have to go back out and get more yeast. Just curious how long it can sit on the stir plate without going to...
  17. MyCarHasAbs

    I'm Highly Interested in Going Pro

    I've been brewing for just around 3 years, the process is relatively routine by now. I've served my beer for a large office filled of co workers on multiple occasions and received high praise. I'm def interested in pursuing a side career. Problem: I have no idea how the professional equipment...
  18. MyCarHasAbs

    One Brew, Two Mash Tuns, Math

    I'm making an Imperial Pumpkin Porter (yes I know, it's early in the season) that will be aged another month or so on top of bourbon soaked oak cubes. Pretty stoked about it because in October I'm going to serve it at an office Halloween party. Anyway, this beer is going to be big. Just shy of...
  19. MyCarHasAbs

    Irish Red IPA tweaked

    So I took a recipe from someone here and tweaked it just a tad. I reached out to the original poster and found out they ended up not making it. With that said, I did in fact make it and wanted to share the results. After a few small tweaks I decided to give it a name. I call it, Hop Kick...
  20. MyCarHasAbs

    Electric Burner Solution

    Looking for a good solution for an electric burner. Here's the thing, I have to brew inside, I don't have the space for it outside so that eliminates any and all propane solutions. The stove top coil I'm currently using for a 14inch diameter boiling kettle is 7.25inches in diameter. It does take...