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    Lambic questions

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    Hello all, Brewed a lambic w raspberries in Feb of 16, decided today's the day to bottle. Theres a layer of feta cheese looking funk across the top which i assume is bacteria. I have 2 questions, is this normal pellicle funk and is the fact that the airlock jar dried out a big deal? Appreciate...
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    sitting 10 months

    So i brewed a rye pa in january, is it garbage? Its been covered and at fairly even temps. And i kept the airlock filled. O.g. approx 1.060..ive never let one go this long..
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    problems with the hbt app on my phone

    I have an older android smartphone. I think since the last update, it really glitches a LOT..just wondering if anyone else has this trouble, or is it my phone?
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    whats my efficiency?

    My all grain efficiency has been a mystery since I started brewing. I'm am happy with my beer and process, but would like to know it. Typically I get a gravity that's about half of the total dry weight of the mash, for example: a batch with 10 lbs of grain is around 1.050....15 lbs around 1.075...
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    Becks Dark

    I like this beer. It has an unfermented wort flavor that I really like. Anybody else think so? Sweetly malty I guess? Just thought I'd put it out there...
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    cream ale ...tatses like a wit?..

    Second batch of this recipe, tastes completely different. Spicy, like a mild wit or saison...I used the same exact ingredients from my bulk stores. Us05. I don't get it. Its quite drinkable, but I am disturbed by this apparent inconsistency.thoughts?? 2 row , carfapils, flaked maize.
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    sam adams octoberfest

    My wife brought home a twelver, and although I kinda gave up on old sam, I gotta say I'm likin these...anyone else ?
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    what would you brew?

    I just got 110 lbs of 2row, I've got about a half lb each of chinook, cascade, willamette, and centennial. Also various specialty grains like melanoidin, chocolate, c60, carafa 3, flaked oats, flaked barley, flaked maize,plus more I can't remember at the moment.oh yeah carapils too.
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    Is it possible to harvest yeast from a blowoff tube?

    I normally get a large amount of yeast in the blowoff container, seems like a waste. Any ideas out there to seal the catch jar, maybe add a bubbler to it?
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    Made a starter last week, still viable?

    I planned a brew day , made my starter the night before, then got called to work. Now its been sitting a week or so. What's the best course ? Use it as is? Pitch into another starter? Chuck it?
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    looking for s n summerfest recipe

    ?? Anyone??
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    38 mm screwcaps for growlers

    Hey all just wondering if anyone knows where I can find 38mm screwcaps for bottling in growlers.I'm looking for the type with the built in gasket, not cardboard inserts(which I got last time by mistake).thanks
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    Anybody using an Igloo Cube 60 qt cooler as a mash tun?

    I'm contemplating a conversion to make bigger batches....thanks
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    Using same yeast cake for multiple batches

    I have begun a 5 batch cycle which I am fermenting in the same primary on the same yeast cake(white labs american ale).I'm giving each 1 week primary and 1 week secondary give or take a few days. My primary concerns were ~a~ will the primary remain sanitary and -b- will I be massively...
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    No rinse dilution rate for starsan?

    I plan on using starsan to brew tomorrow(1st tme using).What's the standard mix for no rinse application and does it have to dry first? Thanks..
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    Oskar Blues Gubna

    Tried a 4 pak 12.99 ....what a waste of money.Possibly the worst tasting craft beer I've ever tried. Half flat, astringent and an oniony flavor that was hard to take.I hope they were just old or spoiled because if that's the intended flavor I can't believe they're still in business.Anyone else...
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    Problems with Oxygen based sanitizer?

    I have always used either one step or easyclean to sanitize , but recently had a bad batch in secondary, and possibly some bad bottles from my latest batch(notsure yet).Any similar experiences out there?? Comments? Thanks