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  1. cheesehed007

    A Portrait of the Homebrewer as a Young Man [A Beer Journal]

    Your title reminded me of this... Welcome and cheers! Sent from my van, down by the river.
  2. cheesehed007

    Is my vinator busted?

    That's just how mine works. I've been using it for over a year and a half. I always thought it was a way of sanitizing the lip of the bottle. Just assumed it was normal. Sent from my van, down by the river.
  3. cheesehed007

    How much headspace?

    I've done 3 gal batches in my 5 gal carboy. I think as long as your doing primary and not secondary you should be fine. Sent from my van, down by the river.
  4. cheesehed007

    bottle caps question

    Any extra I have left over, I rinse off with warm water and dry them. I don't have a problem with caps rusting any more.. Sent from my van, down by the river.
  5. cheesehed007

    New to Partial Mash

    Deleted post on wrong thread. Duh
  6. cheesehed007

    beer put in fridge on bottling day

    Guess I'm not understanding the question. Sent from my van, down by the river.
  7. cheesehed007

    Priming Sugar for Hefeweizen

    Try this calculator ... I plugged in your # and it says 7.82oz of corn sugar. Cheers! http://www.northernbrewer.com/priming-sugar-calculator/ Sent from my van, down by the river.
  8. cheesehed007

    Can I reuse store bought bottles?

    As long as they are not twist off. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  9. cheesehed007

    Where to Bottle for Conditioning

    As long as your cellar is clean and dry, you can bottle down there. When I bottle, I bring my fermentor up from the basement in to our laundry room. I let it sit for a hour to let things settle back to the bottom after sloshing it up the stairs. If your sanitizing practice is solid you shouldn't...
  10. cheesehed007

    First Brew Day - cooling question

    I'd go for the large tub and use a nice bath. Good luck, and cheers!
  11. cheesehed007

    Yeast confusion

    I've done it both ways. If you do rehydrate use warm water not hot. Cheers!
  12. cheesehed007


    When I bottle. I fill 6 then cap. I don't see why filling 10 then capping wouldn't work. Cheers!
  13. cheesehed007

    Imperial Campfire S'more Stout

    What's the purpose of splitting up the honey additions? I've never seen that before. Good luck and cheers!
  14. cheesehed007

    Primary exposed right after pitch

    I say let it ride. Chances are the brew was giving off CO2 and that would help keep things out. Sounds tasty. Cheers and good luck
  15. cheesehed007

    Is it OK to reboil with added DME to achieve OG?

    By no means am I an expert, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Here's what worked for me. I missed OG on the last PM I did. I boiled up about 1/2 gal water and added 2lbs of DME. Added that before I pitched the yeast. Good luck. I'm sure others may have better ideas. Cheers.
  16. cheesehed007

    Carbonation issues... Any thoughts?

    The lack of head (insert joke here) could be the fault of the glassware. Try wetting the glass and then put some salt in it and do a light scrub, the rinse the glass well. Sometime soap residue left over from washing will kill the head retention. Cheers!
  17. cheesehed007


    My last 2 beers took a very long time to carb up. Close to 2 months. Not sure why yet. What I did was to take each bottle and tipped it upside down then back up right. I then put them in a spare bedroom with a little space heater to keep the temp at 70 deg. Good luck and cheers!
  18. cheesehed007

    First batch!

    Nice looking brew! Congrats! Cheers