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  1. Dr Vorlauf

    Online TV

    I want to ditch satellite TV in the worst way. I have Netflicks and would use Hulu. My problem is that I need access to Korean language shows and I haven't had any luck finding a set up that would work for me. :mad: EDIT: Anyone using those new TV antennas for HD local? They look cool.
  2. Dr Vorlauf

    Brewing with soft water (Water Softener)

    I always use the bypass on my softener when brewing. My water is fairly hard but since I tend to do darker beers there isnt much of an issue. If I wanted to do lighter styles I would go with distilled or store bought water ( with known mineral profile ) and build it up with salts as needed.
  3. Dr Vorlauf

    BBQ Build

    Very cool ! Can you give the recipe for the red wine sauce?
  4. Dr Vorlauf

    Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic

    No beer snob here. You already know where this is is headed. I had this several years ago - why do they torture us?
  5. Dr Vorlauf

    Massive infection problem

    Do you completly disassemble the spigot on the bottling bucket? I do not just mean unscrewing and seperating the spigot from the bucket. You can pull the piece that controls the flop out of the rest of the assembly. If you don't pull this apart , clean and sanitize you are almost guranteed...
  6. Dr Vorlauf

    storing star san in a corney

    Corny kegs were designed specificaly to hold dilue solutions of phosphoric acid. Read the label of a Coke or Pepsi and look at the ingredients.
  7. Dr Vorlauf

    Manchester United.

    A paraphrase of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke: I once went to a fight (boxing ) and a hockey game broke out... Guess you could replace Hockey with Soccer
  8. Dr Vorlauf

    Which burner stand for keggle

    I am looking to upgrade to the SQ14 but I see they have change the design. The new design appears to have the burner 4" or more from the bottom of the pot !! Anyone ever modify the new SQ 14 to raise the burner? I would like to avoid any unnecessary equipment mods.
  9. Dr Vorlauf

    So.... (winter brewing)

    Dude. I was out with people camping today. Way colder than 40F and soaking wet with rain. You are dry, indoors. Dress properly and have a few brews.
  10. Dr Vorlauf

    Silencer for an airlock?

    The Tell Tale Airlock.....
  11. Dr Vorlauf

    Ah Nuts! (using nuts in brewing)

    The Chestnut route is interesting. I just roasted a ton of them and deshelled. Chestnuts are about 70% carbohydrate, so I think I will have to also gelatinize and then add to my mash for conversion. Don't know what style to try this in.... Chestnut stout? Chestnut IPA ( for the mouthfeel)
  12. Dr Vorlauf

    ring in carboy

    If this is mineral scale mechanical cleaning will be difficult at best and will eventually ruin a better bottle. For scale you need a concentrated acid. Since vinegar dosent work you need more horsepower. If you have access to HCl or phosphoric acid you can dilute as needed. No need for...
  13. Dr Vorlauf

    1st day on the new bad ass AG rig!!!!

    Looks like a fun day. Why did you go with a wooden rig vs steel? What type of beer did you brew? LOL. Great post
  14. Dr Vorlauf

    just had an interesting read about ergotized beer..

    Basically this is what is alleged to caused the witch like behavior in the Salem witch trials. Grain infected with these compounds might produce bad results for consumption.
  15. Dr Vorlauf

    Swmbo troubles.

    Medication for him.... Happy pills Who wouldn't want a brewing wife? Madness I tells ya.
  16. Dr Vorlauf

    Walnut advice needed

    Make walnut butter.......
  17. Dr Vorlauf

    The Little Man @ 2 Months

    Totally a beautiful kid. Makes me long for when my two monsters were the same age ( I mean my sweet kids)
  18. Dr Vorlauf

    Do you have your strike water dialed in yet?

    I do. For a 25 lb grain bill I mash with 168 f water. This gives me 153 F in the. MLT. Are you adjusting the water temp as a function of the grain bill? Preheating your MLT?
  19. Dr Vorlauf

    Somebody pooped in my oatmeal

    Did you prime bottles with it?
  20. Dr Vorlauf

    Dr. Pepper Stout

    Believe it or not it was really good. I went a little heavy on the Kimchee.