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  1. Cranny04

    DIPA Water. No Chlorides

    Hey all, I'm planning on brewing a DIPA tomorrow. I was going to build my water to be similar to Tasty McDole's "Hoppy Beer" water profile: Ca 110, Mg 18, Na 17, So4 350, Cl 50. I went to my LHBS to get more CaCl and they were out. How large of an effect would leaving out the Cl and lowering...
  2. Cranny04

    ECY24 Brettanomyces Nanus

    Has anybody used it? How? When? Where? I just found out that I am getting a bundle of East coast yeasts. ECY1, ECY08, ECY12, ECY21 and ECY24.
  3. Cranny04

    Adding salts to the boil vs. the sparge

    Is there any difference between adding the water adjustments to the Sparge water or the boil? I use 100% RO water and build from there. Thanks, Cranny
  4. Cranny04

    Competition question

    I'm new to competitions (3 so far). I entered a Saison, the score sheets come back and both of them refer to the color being "copper" or "amber" It's the one on the far left. How likely is it that the beers were mislabeled?
  5. Cranny04

    Great Beer Weekend

    Brewed 10 gallons of Mosaic IPA Friday night with a long time friend. Drank some beers from my cellar. Two Burton Batons (one bottles 11-09-12 the other 10-18-11) Barrel aged Old Rasputin XIV (2011) paired amazingly well with the cigars we smoked (Perdomo Exhibition Exhibit Maduro)...
  6. Cranny04

    War of the Worts

    I just found out I got 3rd place at the war of worts for my Saison. Did any one else enter this comp?
  7. Cranny04

    Too much dry hop?

    2oz in a 1.038 beer?
  8. Cranny04

    New Anerican Hop APA (yet another pale ale)

    Grains & Adjuncts Amount Percentage Name Time Gravity 5.00 lbs 41.67 % Simpsons Golden Promise 60 mins 1.034 5.00 lbs 41.67 % Pale Malt, Maris Otter 60 mins 1.038 1.50 lbs 12.50 % Munich Malt 60 mins 1.037 0.50 lbs 4.17 % Briess Carapils 60 mins 1.034 Hops Amount IBU's Name Time AA %...
  9. Cranny04

    Anybody use Delta Hops?

    Anybody use Delta Hops? I'm thinking about buying some... All reviews i've read are kinda old and incomplete.
  10. Cranny04

    Good Lacing

    Is it just me or does a beer that leaves a nice lace on the side of the glass encourage you to take larger sips?
  11. Cranny04

    Young Beer

    Hey all, I am currently drinking my 10 day old american stout ( admittedly it is on the small side of the style) and it is wonderful. I'm just curious if others drink their beer this young. I normally turn an average sized beer from grain to glass in 14 days. What about y'all? Cranny
  12. Cranny04

    Flanders Red Water Treatment

    Hey All, I'm brewing my first Flanders Red tomorrow. I'm going to build my water from RO. Wild brews has Flanders water as: Ca - 114 Mg - 10 Na - 125 S04 - 145 Cl - 139 HCO3 - 370 I've been following the Brewing Water Chemistry Primer sticky. Using the Calculator on Brewers...
  13. Cranny04

    Murphy's Law Just Killed my Brewday...

    I don't think anything else could have gone wrong.... I just wrote a blog about my brew day today... Though I don't think that I can call it a brew day... Nothing was actually brewed. http://brosbeerhomebrew.blogspot.com/2012/12/murphys-law.html Cranny.
  14. Cranny04

    End Of The World Barleywine

    I'm planning on brewing a barleywine on 12-21-12. This is the recipe. 20# Maris Otter .75# C 80 7oz Acid Malt (PH adjustment) 3 oz Black Patent 1# D-90 Candi Syrup (Added 2 days after pitching yeast) 2 oz Horizon @ 60 Mash @ 154 Wyeast 9097 Old Ale Blend I plan on...
  15. Cranny04

    Calling All Motorcycle Owners!

    Hey all, I'm thinking about buying a motorcycle. I am a complete armature. I've ridden dirt bikes before but that's about it. I'm looking for suggestions on what kind of bike I should get. I'm kinda a big dude (6'6 230lbs). I'm leaning towards cruisers, but I'm open to some opinions...
  16. Cranny04

    Washing yeast after long primary?

    Hey all, How long until I shouldn't wash and reuse yeast from primary? I usually keg my beers after 10-14 days and then wash and reuse. I have a batch if brown ale that has been in primary for 4 weeks now. I've never harvested from long primaries... What do you think? Thanks, cranny
  17. Cranny04

    "When you're an adult you get to enjoy beer"

    I remember watching this with my old man when I was 12 years old... This may have been the genesis of my love of beer...
  18. Cranny04

    Brewing Beer For my Wedding

    I just posted a small write up of the beers I'm going to serve at my wedding next week. http://brosbeerhomebrew.blogspot.com/2012/09/brewing-beer-for-my-wedding.html?m=1
  19. Cranny04

    Beer bottles are getting to big

    New post on my blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. http://brosbeer.blogspot.com/2012/09/craft-beer-bottle-sizes.html Thanks, Cranny
  20. Cranny04

    Repitch 001

    Hey all, I brewed a pale ale with 001, washed the yeast and pitched into an American Brown. I'm looking for suggestions on what to brew with the yeast next. My end goal is to brew a barley wine... But I think I can get another two generations out of it before I finish it off. Thanks