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    Beer/Brewing Bucket List

    Ok, as of my last batch, I have 30 all-grain batches under my belt, 33 in total. I've done quite a few IPA's (my favorites), but also a bunch of other stuff. For the most part, I've enjoyed them all...some more than others, but nothing I wanted to spit out. :p For what it's worth, here's...
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    Lot's of Hop varieties - best recipe wins ?

    Hey there - I've been doing plenty of batches (7 or so this year), but seem to be stuck in a rut where most of the recipe's call for Cascade, Centennial, and a couple other hop varieties. I have bunches of other hop varieties I've picked up (some on sale, some just to try), so I am looking...
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    Multiple batches don't reach expected final gravity

    Background: "New" brewer in 2011 (July) (after not having brewed for over 15+ years). Did a couple extract recipe's and then jumped to all-grain using a BIAB for mash and sparge. 13 batches since July. Hey all - I've run into a somewhat recent issue with my batches. I'm not sure quite...
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    Hops Variety - Please Help ID

    So, I was at a birthday party for one of my son's friends. I notice that there are hops vines in the back yard. This suprises me as although I knew about the hops (the house owner moved in with the vines already there and doesn't use them), I was under the assumption that they were promised to...