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  1. rhys333

    Experimenting making invert sugar - help?

    Hi everyone, I'm making invert #3 syrup using the Alworth method popularized by @Schlenkerla in his thread: Made Simple Invert Sugars. - Jeff Alworth's Method. I'm experimenting with with supposed "raw" sugars and appreciate your input on which options might work. I found a Turbinado that's...
  2. rhys333

    Feedback on English Dark Mild Recipe?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to brew a batch of beer based on a dark mild that my dad used to enjoy back in the old country. If I can get it close, I'll brew it again for the parents over Christmas. He mentions Timothy Taylor's Dark Mild as a favorite, and describes it as having the following...
  3. rhys333

    Franco-Belges Caramel Munich 60?

    Hey Everyone, I picked up some Franco-Belges Caramel Munich 60 with a mind to use it in a wheat beer this weekend. I'm thinking equal amounts wheat and 2-Row, plus 7% of this specialty malt. Has anyone used it before? If so, how much and how did it work out for you? Thanks in advance.
  4. rhys333

    Help! Candi sugar always freezes/crystalizes at 270F

    Hey everyone, I've tried countless times to make amber or dark candi sugar from table sugar and every time it freezes into sugar crystals at 270F hard ball stage. I've tried dry method, wet method, with and without DME/lime/acid, on the stove and in the oven. Always it freezes at 270F and looks...
  5. rhys333

    Extract batches need minerals to taste good...

    ...if you make your beers with RO or distilled water. All-grain brewer here. We had a prolonged cold snap early in the New Year, -35C for about two weeks, so I decided to try my very first extract batch as it allowed me to brew indoors. I used a can of the Coopers brand ESB, plus 1kg (2.2lbs)...
  6. rhys333

    Assistance building tasty Belgian Ale?

    Calling a Belgian ale aficionados... I'd like to brew a characterful Belgian ale using candi sugar or syrups and an expressive Belgian yeast available through Wyeast. I don't want something so strong that it has to be aged, so 7% (ish), max. I'll be using domestic 2-Row as a base malt and EKG...
  7. rhys333

    Feedback on simple English IPA recipe?

    Hi everyone, The mailman just gave me a pound of EKG, so naturally I need to brew up an English IPA. I appreciate your feedback on the following recipe. English IPA 1.055 OG. 43 IBU. 5.5 US gallons. 87% 2 Row 5% Victory 5% C40 3% Flaked Barley 0.5 oz Bravo @ 60 (22 IBU) 1.5 oz EKG @ 14 & 4 (21...
  8. rhys333

    Bittering-only APA + dry hop

    Anyone try this? I brewed my latest APA with a simple grain bill and just enough bittering hops to get about 35 IBUs. No other hop additions except for 2 ounces chinook dry hop. Thing is, this sucker has it all. Tons or aroma as I expected, but flavor too. If anything, it seems more complex...
  9. rhys333

    Honey porter feedback... how much honey?

    Hi All, I've decided to brew a honey porter this weekend and appreciate feedback on how much honey is going to be needed to get some honey character coming through without it becoming dominant or too high in abv. I usually use one pound of wildflower in lighter beers, but I'm thinking I need to...
  10. rhys333

    Brewer's Friend software questions

    So, Brewer's Friend is my go-to site for recipe generation. I like how the malts have been categorized by country of origin and then listed below that in logical groupings. But... now they've done away with the categories and the malts are all jumbled up in nonsensical fashion. I have to...
  11. rhys333

    Thoughts on brown ale recipe?

    Hi everyone, I'm brewing a beer for the parents over Christmas and they requested a brown ale. I'm thinking about doing something other than the standard crystal plus 3 or 4% chocolate, but nothing too crazy that they may not take to. I appreciate your thoughts on the following, or any ideas...
  12. rhys333

    Honey Malt Poll! How much do you like before it becomes too much?

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on honey malt. It's either overpowering and you can't use much, or it needs to be used in higher amounts to make any difference. What's your opinion on this?
  13. rhys333

    Light(ish) beer ideas? WY1010 plus these grains...

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for suggestions on which specialty grains I might include in a light ale. And when I say light, I mean 5% abv and anything light amber or lower SRM. I want just enough to add a touch of complexity and make it interesting. I'm using domestic 2 Row base malt and...
  14. rhys333

    Help - raise raspberry wine pH?

    I tasted my parents raspberry wine the other day, and while flavorful it was incredibly acidic for my tastes. As a brewer, do I have a pH meter on hand so I tested it and got a puckering 2.75 reading! I'm guessing it should be raised to the 3.2-3.4 range. I'd like to help them improve the next...
  15. rhys333

    Opinions... contaminated keg?

    I purchased four used kegs a while ago, two of which I just got around to cleaning out. The first had a stripped thread on the 'out' side and may be unusable. I'm unsure at this point if the seller will honor a refund, but that's another issue. I'm cleaning the last keg and notice what I...
  16. rhys333

    Dildo Brewing

    What DO you call your beers if your brewery is based in Dildo, Newfoundland? http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/dildo-craft-brewery-1.4724539
  17. rhys333

    Recipe input?

    I'm playing around with Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse at the moment and I'm considering brewing a beer using ingredients that are produced regionally. Namely, malted wheat, barley and rye, rolled oats and honey (or beet sugar). Common ingredients to many prairie locations. Flax and canola are common...
  18. rhys333

    American Amber Ale Fast Amber, Ragin' Red

    FAST AMBER, RAGIN' RED 76.75% 2 Row - 7.5 lbs 9% Victory - 14 oz 9% C60 (or C40) - 14 oz 4% Flaked barley - 6 oz 1.25% 550L UK Roasted barley - 1.9 oz 0.5 oz Centennial (7.5 aa) @ 60. Adjust to suit your alpha acids! 1 oz Centennial @ 15 & 0 WY 1187 Ringwood The name pretty much describes what...
  19. rhys333

    Decorating your kegerator/keezer

    Hi All, I've been brewing for quite a few years, but I only recently upgraded to kegging. Now that I have a nice four-keg kegerator setup, I'm thinking about tricking it out a bit with a decal. It's a nice black fridge with freezer on the top and I think it would look pretty sharp with a logo...
  20. rhys333

    What size fridge freezer for 4 keg kegerator?

    Hi everyone, Looking for advice on what size of fridge freezer I should get to hold four 5 gallon kegs and one 5 lbs Co2 tank. I know I'll need to measure to confirm, but just so I can narrow this down a bit, will 14 cu ft be okay, or do I need to go larger? Thanks in advance.