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  1. BrewZer

    How Much To Keep?

    Looking for some collective wisdom, please. It's my first time to dredge the cake for a second batch... the flask (2 liters) is cold in the garage (ambient temp ~40 degrees) and has striated... I'll be pitching a 5.5 gal 1.054-ish wort tomorrow afternoon. So how much of this should I expect...
  2. BrewZer

    2112 -- Great Stuff!

    This is just over 24 hours after pitching a .25 liter slurry started from a packet of 2112...
  3. BrewZer

    WL565 quits bubbling then restarts--repeatedly... Normal?

    I'm not worried, but I am curious if this is normal for this yeast: I'm 4 days into a fermentation with WL565 (propagated overnight in a .75 liter starter) pitched into 5.5 gals of dubbel-like wort OG 1.074. Yesterday morning, the batch was bubbling along merrily in a closed tank when it...
  4. BrewZer

    Weird Muntons Light LME

    Anyone ever opened a can of LME to find (a) the volume down about an inch and (b) weird tan solids floating about in it? Had one happen to me today, and I had to improvise on the fly since I was adding LME at the 30 minute point... UPDATE: LHBS swapped it without issue.
  5. BrewZer

    Swing top bottles -- Grrrr!

    All you who want to say "I told you so," feel free to fire away. Gaskets should be good for more than one use, yet I found two bottles today that did not seal tightly enough to hold the carbonation at a level I like in my Irish Red Ale. Still tastes great, and is less filling without all those...
  6. BrewZer

    Poll: Do you sniff your airlock?