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  1. kscarrington

    cold crash and priming keg

    When you say priming in the keg, are you planning on carbonating in the keg with CO2? If that is the case, you won't need any residual yeast inside the keg. I typically use about 1/2 the recommended about of corn sugar inside the keg and a few blasts of CO2 to seal the keg, then let it carb...
  2. kscarrington

    Is it time for a new keg (before first kegging)

    I meant to include that portion but was too tired when I typed it out - thanks for picking up my slack!
  3. kscarrington

    Is it time for a new keg (before first kegging)

    Yesterday I finished rebuilding a ball lock keg that a buddy gave me (after I rinsed out the rocks, dirt, and river debris). When I was shaking it to rinse the oxyclean and water out, the lid leaked. After I placed new gaskets, a light coat of keg lube, and hit it with a mere 12 lbs of...
  4. kscarrington

    New to kegging

    Take it back. Say it ain't so. We started brewing our own beer to save money, dammit! oO(and to think I almost believed that when I started brewing!)
  5. kscarrington

    Anyone naturally carbonate in their kegs?

    I did two batches that I kegged with sugar and let them carb for a couple of weeks while I built my kegerator. They both turned out great in terms of carbonation, flavor, and clarity. I hit them with CO2 to help ensure a good seal. I plan on following this same process while I work on...
  6. kscarrington


    I picked up the Midwest 2 tap kegging kit off Craigslist, and I haven't had any issues after I upgraded the faucets to Perlicks using the original shanks.
  7. kscarrington

    turn-key Kegerator advice

    Mine came with keys. :)
  8. kscarrington

    Tick tock

    They've been keg carbing for a couple of weeks, and I've been occasionally topping off the keg with CO2 to make sure the pressure has held. Between that and another full week on the CO2 I think it will work.
  9. kscarrington

    Tick tock

    I just placed 2 cornies of beer into my kegerator this morning. I mixed priming sugar in with the kegs to let them condition at about 68 degrees (2 weeks for the pale mild, 3 weeks for the coffee porter). I'm giving them a week to carb and cool, and next Sunday I will be pulling pints to...
  10. kscarrington

    Show us your Kegerator

    Nothing fancy, but it should serve as a good home for my two cornies until I can find the space for a keezer.
  11. kscarrington

    10 Days, Okay To Keg?

    Here's to a speedy recovery!!
  12. kscarrington

    Smallest Chest Freezer that will hold 3 kegs?

    What are you running for taps inside, picnic taps? I'm thinking about getting a 7 cubic foot freezer, and in the meantime rigging up the taps inside until I decide what to do for my collar.
  13. kscarrington


    Oxyclean can be used to either clean the inside of the bottles or loosen the labels for removal. If you are satisfied that the inside of the bottles are clean, as long as you use some method of sanitizing the bottles before bottling you should be good.
  14. kscarrington

    Smallest Chest Freezer that will hold 3 kegs?

    Without a collar you're likely going to have to go with at least a 7 cubic foot freezer. This thread should give you a good idea of what you're looking for: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f35/sizing-your-chest-freezer-corny-kegs-75449/
  15. kscarrington

    want to start keggin my beer

    Midwest, Northern Brewer, KegConnection, and many others have pre-packaged kits that are sure to fit your needs. I was able to pick one up through Craigslist, which saved me a ton of money on shipping.
  16. kscarrington

    want to start keggin my beer

    Soda keg(s), CO2 bottles, tap(s). Insert your setup in a converted fridge or freezer. Lots of information available in the sticky threads to help guide you in which setup would serve you best.
  17. kscarrington

    keg post nut both stubborn and weird

    This. I've got just one of those posts on the kegs I recently picked up. After trying several different methods, using the socket and squeezing the ratchet handle towards the closest soda keg handle worked like a charm to bust it loose.
  18. kscarrington

    My Craigslist find

    Quite understandable, sometimes it's hard enough to find space to keep the equipment, let alone trying to travel with it. Since 1994 my father-in-law has traveled with his beer can collection and brewing equipment from Montana, to Alaska, to Washington. That's dedication! When we were...
  19. kscarrington

    My Craigslist find

    Over the past couple months I've been looking into what it would take to get into kegging. Unfortunately shipping to Alaska usually costs as much, if not more, than the cost of the items. I've been keeping a pretty close eye on Craigslist with no luck so far. This morning, after I put my PS2 on...