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    Ohio Complete Chilling & Recirculation: CFC + Chugger Pump + All the Camlock quick disconnects needed

    Changing my setup. Up for sale is everything you need to quickly and efficiently chill your wort: Chugger Pump - Center intake; plus: mounting bracket 1/2" stainless steel Camlock male couplings ("quick disconnects") Counterflow Chiller; plus: 1/2" stainless steel Camlock male quick...
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    Recipe to show contribution of home grown hops

    I was gifted 2.5 oz of cascade hops grown just for fun by a friend of a friend. They don't brew. I thought it'd be fun to brew something to show the contribution those hops make to beer. So, I was thinking that I'd brew 10 gallons of something, split it at the end. 5 gallons stays untouched. 5...
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    Is this what a bottle bomb looks like?

    Honestly I imagined there'd be more shards of glass. Found this bottle with the bottom in two pieces inside the crate surrounded by all the other bottles which are undamaged. What do I do with the rest of the bottles? They've been conditioning for almost two months. Can I de-cap and re-cap...
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    Austin brewery suggestions

    I'm on my way to Austin for a few days. Visiting family who are not beer drinkers but have offered to stop at some breweries during the city tour they've planned. For options, Brewery tours or interesting spaces might be of interest to the non beer drinkers. But what would you suggest...
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    Indianapolis brewery suggestions

    I'm going to be in Indianapolis for a couple days. If you could only stop by one brewery, which would it be? What about two? Also, it will help if the place allows kids. If you're not sure if a place fits that bill, suggest it anyway. Or if you know some place does not, it'd be great to know...
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    Ohio Misc Brass Connections

    I've stumbled on a grab bag of parts that I no longer use. A couple elbow bends. Two nipples. A few connectors. See the picture. I believe they're all 1/2". If you want me to double check anything, just let me know. One of the elbows and one of the adapters are reducers. Two of the nuts are...
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    How to dry CFC?

    Seems like no matter how often I turn my CFC end over end there's always liquid left behind after I use it. Anybody got any creative solutions? I've been thinking about putting it in a hose reel and setting it spinning. If I can get it to fit.
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    Ohio Two Keggles - Cincinnati

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    Competiion question

    I'm considering entering my first competition. When you submit a beer a few days or a week ahead of the judging date, do they stick them in a fridge? I don't want to put my beer through a couple rounds of temperature swings. So I was wondering, do you ever chill your beers before a...
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    Rice Hulls - do I include them in Mash water calculation?

    If I have 12 lbs of grain, and 1 lb of rice hulls, when I'm calculating mash water do I include the rice hulls? They don't have anything to extract, but they absorb water. So if I want, say, 1.5 qts per 1 lb., do I add 12 * 1.5 = 18 quarts, or do I use 13 * 1.5 = 19.5 qts? I know, not much...
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    What to add to CFC so I can screw in Quick Disconnects?

    I have a CFC where the wort input & outputs are 3/8 inch copper, OD. I believe this is standard on the majority of CFCs (especially cheaper ones). If not, let me know, I may have taken a bad measurement. I'd like to sweat on some pipe so I can end up with a 1/2 inch FPT that I can then screw...
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    Brew Day Propane Burner Problem - Dangerous? Fix?

    I'm in the middle of a brew day. It's always something different. I got my sparged wort up on the burner and got everything started, then I stepped inside to clean something. I stepped out 5 minutes later to check on it and the flames were not coming out of the banjo any more. The flame was...
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    Fixable? Bottle slight gusher, tastes yeasty & sugary, sediment collecting in glass

    I opened the first bottle of a recent batch today that gushed a little bit. It smells bready, yeasty. It tastes very sugary, and with some yeasty aftertaste. And a layer of sediment collected on the bottom of the glass. An eighth to a quarter inch or so over the course of an hour. I realize...
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    Chocolate Habanero Porter - Vanilla Chocolate Porter - Robust Porter

    I started a batch last November that I decided to split up into multiple experiments. They turned out so good I thought I'd share. I'm sure there's room for improvement here but I'd happily take each of these as a full batch. I started with a goal of getting about 5.5 gallons to the...
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    Boil problems - Propane pressure?

    Is there something about propane tanks that they can't output as much propane as they get emptier? Or perhaps the longer the tanks been open & burning? I planned for a two hour boil yesterday, and adjusted my volume up to compensate for expected burn off. I had almost 10 gallons of liquid...
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    Help with AG Bock-like ale recipe to break 9 month beer-fast

    My wife is approaching the end of a 9 month, medically induced beer-fast. Roughly two months to go, and she's requested we make a bock to celebrate. I don't want to lager. So I'm looking for some advice on a good Bock, or Bock-like ale recipe. All grain, 5 gallons give or take. Suggestions?
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    Aluminum yard stick - Safe to use as liquid volume measure?

    I was thinking about using one of these cheap aluminum yard sticks to measure the volume of liquid in my kettle (for post-sparge volumes in the boil kettle). Then I began to wonder about the 'ink' that's printed on it. It's probably not safe, right? What do you think...
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    Porter recipe - 5.5 gal AG

    I've been playing around with ideas for a Porter / Robust Porter. First time messing around with this style. I keep tweaking it but it's gotten to the point now there are certain parts & ratios for the life of me I can't remember why I picked. Anyway, I'd appreciate any input. Getting Warmer...
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    Bottling- out of corn sugar, substitute what?

    I just got all setup to bottle and realized I was out of corn sugar. Haven't run into this problem before. Can I use white, granulated sugar? How about brown sugar? I assume I'd need different amounts? Is the process different? How do they affect final taste? I've got 5 gallons of IPA that's...
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    What I Learned from My First AG Brew Day

    I recently made the step up to AG. After much planning and bargain hunting and shopping and planning, I finally got to brew. I moved out of the kitchen and into backyard. I learned some things in the process, and thought I'd share with the community. I hope those of you who have been around the...