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  1. Robusto

    Yeast recommendations please

    Hey guys, So I'm about to brew up a 20 gallon batch of orange blossom traditional. Going to shoot for 14-15% abv and then going to barrel age it in a once used bourbon barrel. I typically use ec1118 for traditionals and k1v1116 for fruit meads. I settled on these two a while ago after trying...
  2. Robusto

    How many grams of metabisulfite per gallon of mead?

    Hi all, So I know that the old stand by is 1/4 teaspoon of K metabisulfite per 5 gallons, but does any one know how many grams (fraction of a gram) per gallon? I know that this will vary depending upon Ph, but anyone have a ball park guesstimate? Thanks!
  3. Robusto

    Back sweeten before or after barrel aging?

    Hey guys, Like the title says, should I back sweeten before or after putting my mead into a freshly dumped bourbon barrel? My initial thought was that it should be done after barrel aging so that I can better taste it and adjust more accurately. Then I got to thinking that back sweetening...
  4. Robusto

    Help with first large batch please

    Hi all, So after a long hiatus, I've gotten back into brewing and mead making again. Made about half a dozen 1-3 gallon batches of mead now and all have been very good. For Xmas my wife got me a freshly dumped 15 gallon bourbon barrel- its so fresh that its not dumped yet- ha ha- I have a 5...
  5. Robusto

    34/70 frement time

    Hi all, How long do you think it should take 34/70 to hit FG from an og of 1.079? Also, what do you think my FG should end around? I rehydrated an 11g pack as per the directions and pitched into 2 gallons of wort. Fermenter has been 52 degrees F give or take a degree. Thanks!
  6. Robusto

    Wyeast 2125 vs 34/70

    Hi guys, Brewing up a helles this weekend and have these two yeasties on hand. Which one do you think will be better? I have heard they are the same... wl830 too, but I've had good results with 2124, and awful results with 830 (may just be me). The only real difference i can find is that...
  7. Robusto

    Question aboit adding fruit

    hey all, What are your thoughts on adding fruit to fermenting beer? When do you add? Primary fermenter? Secondary? How much fruit per gallon? I have read that fruit should be added after most of the more complex barley sugars have been consumed because the yeast will go for the more simple...
  8. Robusto

    Plum porter recipe help please

    hi all. Looking for some help recreating my favorite winter beer. I'm trying to put together a recipe the clones or gets close to Southern Tier's "Plum Noir". Its an imperial plum porter. Its no longer made,, but the label from says: 18 ° Plato 2 row Caramel malt Barley flakes Chocolate...
  9. Robusto

    Honey porter in a bourbon barrel?

    hi guys. I have a freshly dumped 5 gallon bourbon barrel on the way. I was going to use it to age a traditional mead, but I got to thinking about using if to age an imperial honey porter that is just finishing up. Its around 10% abv. My fear is that the bourbon flavors may clash with the...
  10. Robusto

    Any grain mills that can also make flour?

    Hi guys long time no see. Just wondering if there are any grain mills that can open coarse enough to crack grain for brewing but can go fine enough to make flour for baking. Thanks
  11. Robusto

    Maibock with Pacman?

    Hi all- I wanted to brew my Maibock this weekend, but the only yeast that I have on hand is Pacman (Wyeast 1764). I want to brew this tomorrow, as it is getting pretty late to brew Maibock. I have used Pacman with great success to brew a faux-Oktoberfest, so I thought about giving it a go...
  12. Robusto

    Buying the Farm

    Hi all- I have a few hop questions for you guys. The house that we are buying is currently zoned as farm land and to keep the tax break we have to grow something and sell it, so I’m thinking hops among other things. My questions is, what would be the best hops to grow? I’m thinking high...
  13. Robusto

    HELP! OG too low. Can I fix?

    Hi All. So last night I brewed a SHaSH of Maris Otter and Mosaic (well almost- I used a little Warrior for the bittering addition) and my OG was low. After checking all of my math, which seemed right, I checked my brew thermometer against my Thermapen and it was off by almost 10 degrees! That...
  14. Robusto

    Cherries- Tart vs Sweet?

    Hi all. So I’m planning on making a Chocolate Cherry Stout, but have a question about the cherries. In my mead making experience, I have always head that you have to use tart cherries because the sweet cherries will leave a medicinal taste in the finished product. Most of the recipes that I...
  15. Robusto

    Recipe Wanted - Kent Bitter

    Hi all. I’m looking for a little (maybe a lot) of help here. I’m trying to find an all-grain recipe for a beer that I had at a friend of my wife’s wedding in Kent (in the UK). They said that it was a local beer from a local little brewery. When I pressed for more info about exactly what...
  16. Robusto

    Anyone know the max SG for Saflager 34/70?

    Hi guys, Just out of curiosity, do any of you know what the max SG would be for Fermentis Saflager W-34/70? I’m asking because I can’t find anything on the web that states that info. I want to make some mead in the lager style, and had some of this stuff lying around. I’m just afraid of...
  17. Robusto

    Growing in pots- what to do after harvest?

    Hey guys. So I have successfully grown 4 cascade hop plants in pots on my roof deck that are actually making hops. Being first year plants and being grown in pots, the yield is not great, but I should get 2 or 3 batches out of them. My question is, what do you do with your potted rhizomes...
  18. Robusto

    First ag lager- help please!

    Hi guys. I need a little help here. So I made my first ag lager yesterday and I'm worried that the yeast may have arrived DOA. I used Wyeasy 2124 in the smack pack. When the package arrived, the cold pack that came with it was warm. When I smacked h pack it didn't puff up much (if at all)...
  19. Robusto

    Can you overpitch yeast?

    Hi all. As I am moving from brewing other people’s tried and true recipes to experimenting with my own recipes, I find myself wondering if you can over pitch yeast. I know that you can under-pitch, and that can cause problems- particularly with lagers, but what about adding too much yeast? I...
  20. Robusto

    Hops- Leaf VS Pellet

    Hi all. So, when it comes to hops, can you interchange leaf and pellets at the same weight? In other words, will an ounce of leaf hops bitter or add aroma the same as an ounce of pellets? Does the boil time change? Thanks in advance