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    5 reasons you should brew your own beer!

    5-reasons-you-should-brew-your-own-beer Found this and I saw that it mentions homebrewtalk.com and thought I should share in case no one has seen it yet!
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    Let make a rye ipa!

    What do you guys think? maybe a bit much w/ 24% being rye? Maybe a bit more hops b/c who doesn't like more hops? Rye IPA Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines 14B-India Pale Ale(IPA)-American IPA Recipe Overview Wort Volume Before Boil: 6.08 US gals Wort Volume After Boil: 5.28 US...
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    New Local Home Brew Store

    Hey guys! A new LHBS just opened up in St. Cloud, Fl (The home brew Store) saved my butt last week when I needed some extra 2-row to make a 10gal batch of pale ale. So i had them order me in a few sacks of grain 50# of 2row and 50# of rye My question with the rye is how much is to...
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    home made keg/carboy/bottle washer

    Hey guys! I just picked up a 1/3hp sump pump of craigslist for 50bucks. The guy said he used it once to empty about 100-200gals of water for a job last month. I'm in the middle of running it in some PBW to clean it. Is there anything i should be worry'd about in using this to...
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    My new stand!

    I had a bunch of extra metal that was just kind of lying around needed to be re purposed. so i'm building a brew stand. just keeping it simple till i get it home and start brewing with it! here's a few pic of the work in progress!
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    Alt beer for a friend

    Hey guys! so i've never had this kind of beer before and i've started reading the internet till congress shuts it down... But i found a couple recipes and figured i'd pass this buy u guys! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1698 ALT...
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    i have 15oz of hops 5 oz of goldings 5 oz of amarillo 5 oz of cascade i'm doing 3 additions in that order as of now. should I say f that and mix them all up and still do 3 addition just of a mixture?
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    Anyone else brewing today? I just mashed in on a roasted american ale! starting to work on only drinking beer that I brew this year. happy new years everyone! safe brewing!
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    Old hops?

    I have been using for my last 2 batches some old hops that have been vacuum packed and stored in a fridge in a chill chest. I'd guess there about 3 years old. At what point is to old? and will they add a super unpalatable taste to the beer?
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    Plastic corks

    Have a problem. I'm going threw my bottle collection and giving them all a good washing sense I've been gone for 4 month and no one else has. I have a few bottles that I used the champagne plastic corks on and they broke off leaving a piece in the neck. Anyone have a trick to get them out...
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    Metal fittings

    Hey Guys! Thanks for the input on the metal fittings. I went a head and ordered the snap lock fittings. Man are they sweet! I figured that sense I have both sets until i return the one that I'll take a pic of each. These are the snaplock fittings from...
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    upgrading/building my rig

    I've been gathering gear and trying to find everything i need to get my new rig up and running. I've been searching for months for metal quick disconnects b/c the plastic ones i have are crap and i want something i wont have to replace again (other than a O-ring) So after digging around I...
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    I washed and sanitized some bottles to bottle 2 batchs. I've been super slammed at work and i am now just getting around to bottle them. They have been on a bottle tree the whole time too. Do you guys think they'll be fine or do i need to take the time to re-sanitize them?
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    10 more gal of wheat ale!!!!

    hope everyone is having a great memorial day! Dont forget to thank a veteran! I think that i've finally got my wheat ale recipe that the house likes. But i'm trying a bit of a experiment today b/c i'm brewing 10gals. I'm going to do 5gal w/ the American wheat yeast (going to transfer out...
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    What i do....

    Hey guys, Just got this into my inbox... I lite and we used my equipment for this vid in joy! anyone else work in the film industry or do some else thats cool for a living?
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    My keg is leaking out the out port. might be a bad fitting but i have a spair one. I dont have a spair o ring but i do have a old keg thats NFG but the oring/down tube in good. Dont think i can remove w/o damaging the oring. Should i remove and replace down tubes? Maybe cut it off and run to...
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    Thanks for the decal!

    I think it has made my fermantion freezer just about complete! Thanks!
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    Pumpkin Ale

    I just wanted to thank all of the more experienced guys on here. You guys have shared your knowledge and have inspired me! So today i brewed a pumpkin ale in anticipation of drinking it this fall! Using ingredients that I had on hand Fermentables: Ingredient Amount...
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    Moving up to 10gal batches

    Hey guys! Making the plunge into moving toward 10gal batches! About a month ago I picked up my grain mill. Yesterday I got my false bottom and i got some bulk grain. Only got the things I was going to need make 2 10gal batches. Wheat Ale and Extra Pale ale 50lbs of 2-row 15lbs of...
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    Fresh local honey

    I was given by my father-in-law a mason jar w/ 3lb15oz3/8 of honey including the jar so i'm guessing 3+lbs of fresh local honey to help with alergy's and for my tea. And asked how much so i could pay him for another jar and was kindly given a second jar. So i plan on making a small batch of...