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    Help with yeast and grains please

    I intended to do a 5 gallon batch of chocolate peanut butter stout. Do to a lack in supplies from the LHBS that I had a gift certificate at these are the ingredients I ended up with: 3 lbs Chocolate Wheat 1 lb Crisp Roasted Barley 2 lbs Sparkling Amber DME 3.3 lbs Amber LME .75 cups cacao nibs...
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    Apple Cider Questions

    wow i am dumb, you are totally right. the 30g of sugar is definety per serving.....i dont know what i was thinkning. well thanks for the advice guys, waiting on the final product.
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    Apple Cider Questions

    I would have added malt but this project had the added advantage of being gluten free for my girlfriend. Its very cloudy with some trub. Do you think it will clear up when it get cold crashed or would i need to add some irish moss or whirlfloc(sp)?
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    Apple Cider Questions

    So I bought a 1 gallon glass jub full of organic pressed apple juice from my health food store. I kind of just wanted another 1gallon glass fermentor. I took out 1 glass of AJ to make room for brewing. (Also because it was delicious) I took 1/2 a package of Windsor Dry Ale Yeast and 1 cup of...