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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    I'm leaning towards the Sanyo 4912 with a twin faucet tower. I definitely want to be able to have two brews at a time going.
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    nOOb dumb kegging question #2.

    I hear people refer to "chest freezers". You really want a chest "REFRIGERATOR", right, not a "FREEZER"? :confused:
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    nOOb dumb kegging question #1.

    Do I have to keep the beer in the corny keg cold immediately, or can it be stored at room temperature until it is ready to go into the kegerator?
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    at this point. As for budget, if I could do something for less than $500.00, that would probably be ideal.
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    to have to carbonate my beer prior to kegging. I would like to have two taps. Now I'm getting picky, huh?
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    Absolute minimum requirements for kegging?

    What is the absolute cheapest set up to get into kegging?
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    Just ordered me a piggie!

    so that the carbonation pouch is not needed?
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    Powdery substance on bottlecaps

    I bottled my Barleywine this weekend. I had a handful of bottle caps that I had left in some StarSan in a bowl. The starsan had turned cloudy, so I removed the bottle caps and rinsed them in a Mason Jar with scalding hot water from my "always hot" tap. I then put them in another clean bowl...
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    Another Brain Buster...

    of honey makes a difference? There are a number of high quality, "boutique" honey's out there....
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    Beer Styles & Flavors

    styles is a great question. Those on this site should have a more informed opinion than your typical Coors Light drinker (or at least we would like to think that - no offense to Coors Light Drinkers). There are a ton of beers out there. I say find a local grocery store that has a bunch of...
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    Help me decide on what to brew next!

    Northern Brewers British Bitter. Very nice. Smooth. Not overly hoppy.
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    Okay, It's been 68 hours....

    within hours following my pitching of the dry yeast.
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    Okay, It's been 68 hours....

    no signs of fermentation. Wheat beer. 6.6 lbs Coopers Wheat LME, 1 oz bittering hops, 1 oz finishing hops 1/3 oz irish moss. Wyeast 3068. I think I got a bad batch of yeast. Temps were correct at pitching.
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    If overpitching is rarely a problem, but underpitching is a common problem, and using two vials of yeast is not a problem, then... The only reason not to pitch two vials of yeast would be the cost? ($5-8 per 5 gallons?). That seems like a small price to pay for improved beer.
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    Starter Vessel?

    Don't you need an airlock or some type of blow-off?
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    Starter Vessel?

    Okay, I'm making the big jump. I'm going to start doing starters:fro: I see a lot of pictures in the gallery of folks using plastic juice bottles and other receptacles, and then of course, the professional chemistry vials. Is the vessel that the starter is made in critical to the...
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    Hydrometer 'gotcha'

    sediment on the bottom when you spun the hydrometer?
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    Start of a Starter FAQ

    do you reduce your recipe amount by the same?
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    2 yeast vials instead of starter?

    yield a lower than expected alchohol content, correct?
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    it seems like the homebrews are simply weaker. I don't know this for a fact, but so far, (probably because of my inexperience), they are less carbonated, and don't seem to have the immediate "buzz" impact that commercial beers do. Just an initial reaction, though.:drunk: