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    Drill Driven Impeller Pump

    I want to start whirlpooling my wort in addition to immersion chilling. I was surfing around mcmaster carr for pumps and found a drill driven pump for 10 bucks with garden hose inlets and outlets. Any one use one of these? It's max flow is 6 gpm and max temp is 120, but I might try to push it...
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    What kind of Fittings?

    Im not sure about the hops clogging the 1/4", but I know that alot of pumps have larger suctions and smaller discharges. The manufacterer of the pump may have literature has a pump curve or minimum pipe sizes. Let me know how it works i want to build a whirlpool chiller and was going to have...
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    Counter pressure filler fun

    I bought one similar to Midwest's. The reason I purchased the cfc and not the beergun was price and I understand the science (kind of, lol) of a cfc whereas the beergun doesn't create any counterpressure so im not sure of how it would work. There's alot of people that love them. I think I...
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    Counter pressure filler fun

    So i just got a counter pressure filler. What a PITA. I must be doing something wrong because after 6 bottles with 3 inches of foam at the top and beer all over the floor and my kegerator, I would discribe it as anything but convienent. Is it normal to get beer foam off the pressure release...
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    On the verge of quitting.

    Most extract brewer's don't do full boil's. They add water at the end to top of the carboy.
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    Kegerator that would fit a 1/2 barrel keg?

    lol. I based my weight of the liquid on water, and beer is heavier. I looked at some conversion chart on the net that said a half barrel's liquid is 129 lbs (beer) and the keg itself is another 30.
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    Kegerator that would fit a 1/2 barrel keg?

    15.5 gallons should weight about 117 lbs plus weight of the keg itself.
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    Beverage factory

    I was considering buying from them but when I had them price a four faucet kit instead of the standard two faucet it was more than double the price??? So because I tend to support local business anyway I bought from my local brew supply and paid about the same amount and had someone show me...
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    manifold for cooler

    I second. Pvc is way cheaper and very easy to make.
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    My Kegerator...she dies. :(

    You can get cars and condensors re-charged so i imagine you could find someone to recharge a refrigerator. Probably you could call a appliance repair shop and it would be cheaper than a brand new refrigerator. Unless you want to upgrade or something.
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    I need a good False Bottom. Please help

    Can you use sch 40 pvc for the manifold? Making one out of copper would cost a fortune at current market pricing. Maybe the false bottom is the way to go for 25 bucks.