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  1. danielthemaniel

    How do YOU decide what to make next?

    Great question! Sometimes I'll get inspiration from a beer that I've drank and want to recreate something similar. Sometimes I'll come across a recipe that sounds really good. Sometimes I'll want to do a particular style. Sometimes I will try to brew something that is different than what I have...
  2. danielthemaniel

    Wasted $??

    The best way to tell is simply to smell and visually inspect them. If they have good aroma and are green then they are likely okay. As previously mentioned, they are likely not good for bittering. Get a high alpha bittering hop and use them for late additions or dry hops.
  3. danielthemaniel

    Hops Question???

    I'd definitely use the magnum as a bittering hop. Its the primary bittering hop that I use. I've used the other 3 and havent find much difference between them. I'd probably just use whatever is the cheapest. If I had to choose without factoring cost I'd likely go with Crystal.
  4. danielthemaniel

    brown malt vs victory for nutty taste?

    I have found a combination of biscuit, munich and brown malts creates a wonderfully nutty flavor.
  5. danielthemaniel

    First White Stout Attempt

    Dont heat it as that will bring out bitterness. As long as you sanitized your container you should be just fine
  6. danielthemaniel

    First White Stout Attempt

    That should okay. The amount of beans and time of extraction are the important factors. The yield doesn't matter much as it will only determine concentration.
  7. danielthemaniel

    First White Stout Attempt

    I've done many coffee beers as I am also a coffee roaster and nerd. My preferred method is to use around 4-5oz of FRESH coffee beans in a cold toddy (for a 5 gal batch of beer). You grind the beans as coarsely as possible and add around 3 cups of water. Keep in the fridge for roughly 12-18 hours...
  8. danielthemaniel

    Your experience with Citra

    I have always enjoyed citra and have had a lot of variation from different beers branded as citra. I brewed an all citra clone of 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust. The beer was fantastic. The citra was mainly a strong tangerine flavor and aroma.