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  1. balzern

    what was your most dumb move in brewing?

    Brewing after I had too much beer. I dropped my Better Bottle while aerating. Thank God that only a few drops sprayed out and sprayed me in the face....
  2. balzern

    Grain shelf life?

    I would say after 2 months you can still use them but they lose their strength.
  3. balzern

    How many days should the gravity be before bottling?

    also the 1.004 gravity beer had an expected FG of 1.010
  4. balzern

    How many days should the gravity be before bottling?

    hmm do you think the SG is low/stable enough to bottle?
  5. balzern

    How many days should the gravity be before bottling?

    The 1.013 is .001 below the FG and the 1.004 I don't know because it was a NB kit. The innkeeper actually.
  6. balzern

    How many days should the gravity be before bottling?

    haha thanks I have two brews one at 1.004 and one at 1.013 which have been stable since monday. I just don't want bottle bombs :P Will I be ok if I bottle them tonight? Like I said, they taste great...
  7. balzern

    How many days should the gravity be before bottling?

    Okay. I did a gravity reading yesterday and today - they are exactly the same. Also, it tastes really good and has been 3 weeks in primary...should i wait till tomorrow to confirm that it has reached FG or bottle tonight?
  8. balzern

    Foil on starter

    never used foil but I am sure it is similar to foam stoppers. Sounds good.
  9. balzern

    did I screw this up?

    I don't think it is a big deal. Give it about 3 weeks in primary (assuming it is a normal gravity brew) then bottle. That's what I would do.
  10. balzern

    Foil on starter

    or a foam stopper.
  11. balzern

    Foil on starter

    I always put a small square of sanitized foil on my starters. Seems to work well while it is cooling in an ice bath. I put a foam stopper in my flasks to allow the wort/yeast to breathe.
  12. balzern

    Potential Carbing Issue

    I would say move it somewhere 70-75 for a week and see how it is then.
  13. balzern

    No Rinse Cleaner Need to Dry?

    There can be some solution just make sure there isn't a lot. No need to use a towel just rinse and add.
  14. balzern

    Primary/Secondary confusion

    Unless it is a high gravity beer I usually do 3 weeks primary and 3 weeks bottle.
  15. balzern

    Ok bring on the hate

    What I do is go my my favorite bar that has craft beer, get a growler of something, then hit my homebrews up. When I am done I am pretty nice.
  16. balzern

    Dry Vs. Liquid Yeast

    Just a side note - if you do go to liquid make a starter. Once I started making starters (lol) the fermentation started quickly and super vigorous. Also, IMO I have made better beers using starters and they easy/fun to make!
  17. balzern

    I like fruity.

    Simply because this thread is called I like fruity - I had an amazing kit from northern brewer - their limited edition biere de table. Super good fruity esters and a clean crisp finish. If you like fruity tastes check it out!
  18. balzern

    carboy question

    Use a blow off +1. Different yeasts ferment differently. Some may be super aggressive some may be more gradual. However, blow off tubes accommodate everything and it is a good move!
  19. balzern

    A tale of two beers...

    Leave them at about 70 degrees for 2 weeks and then see how they taste! Honestly my brother, they will taste so much better after 2 weeks at 70 or above. I left about 2 carboys at above 70 degrees for two weeks and they tasted great! Give it time and have some craft beer!