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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Yep, it was 1.25 lbs. of chocolate malt
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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Sorry-there is some chocolate malt in there...don't have my notes with me, but I know I used chocolate (just not sure how much)...it is totally black.
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    What flavour does malted wheat contribute?

    Makes it 'fluffier'...I've never been able to distinguish a specific taste though
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    Help With A Belgian Stout

    Looks like you're doing extract, but FWIW, here is a Belgian Imperial Stout that I came up with and brewed last January. I'm drinking it now and was very happy with the results. Dark and thick, it hits you right away with that Belgian fruitiness but finishes like an IS. Good luck! 9 lbs 2 row...
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    Suggestions for 70 degree ferm temp

    I'm looking to brew on Saturday and am trying to decide what to do. We had a pretty cold winter and brewed right around 50-60 degrees. I was able to do a few lager-ish batches and some clean ales. I'm thinking it may not be quite warm enough to get into the Belgians...but was wondering if there...
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    Let's talk Altbier!

    No..it was wyeast 1007. It's still 'bubbly' too. When I scooted the carboy over to make room, big chunks/strands of it fell to the bottom. Kinda weird, but hopefully it's OK.
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    Let's talk Altbier!

    I brewed the Kaiser's Alt last saturday, and it yeilded a huge kreusen that has yet to totally fall...not sure if it's all the Munich or what. I also had a few problems with the mash temp (trying to step mash)...bulk of the time it was in the low 140s. Not sure if that could have something to do...
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    Beer for the wife......

    LOL...I've found my wife primarily likes sweeter lagers...Marzens and such. She is digging the light rye ale, and loves Spotted Cow. I've cone to accept though, that she has a pretty narrow taste-but that's alright, and I try to make stuff that is palatable for her...but if not-more for me.
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    All Hail the Yeast

    I've really grown to like S-05....but also really like wlp029 for lagers-without really needing to lager. It definitely has that 'German' flavor. I was going to start another thread-but I'll add on to this: What are some other good dry ale yeasts? I like S-05 and Notty...great for the price...
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    Do you have a dry yeast that you like a lot?

    I have to concur that US05 and Nottingham are great for a quick fermentation and a clean finish. This cleanliness is a big plus for most beers-but some folks really like the yeast to have a distinctive flavor profile. If this is the case for you-I'd try Coopers. It has a very distinctive...
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    Belgian Imperial Stout (?)

    Here's the recipe I found: 11.67 lbs. American 2-row info 2.50 lbs. Belgian Munich info 0.83 lbs. Belgian Wheat Malt info 1.25 lbs. Belgian Chocolate Malt info 1.67 lbs. Candi Sugar Dark info 2.1 oz. Saaz (Pellets, 5.00 %AA) boiled 60 min. info 0.8 oz. Saaz (Pellets, 5.00 %AA)...
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    Belgian Imperial Stout (?)

    I ran across a recipe for one of these and am going to have a go at it. They're 2 of my favorite styles, and I want to get something going that will age. Anyone ever try/brew one of these? Am using wlp500...It should be interesting.
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    Great New Hop Varieties?

    I used Sterlings for a cream ale that ended up very nice. I also subbed Auroras for Cascades in Ed Wort's Pale. This was a better chance to really taste the hops. Hard to describe, but I really liked them...a little 'catty', not very citrusy. My non-hophead friends liked the fact that there was...
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    Blowoff source: oats or yeast?

    The last 2 batches have provided my only 2 blowoffs to date. I'm curious to know if this is due to the yeast itself, or to my grain bill. Both brews (Jamil's Oatmeal Stout; L'il Sparky's Nut Brown) included 1 lb. of oats, and I'd imagine they add a lot of proteins that could lead to...
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    Happy holiday!! Unfortunately, the bulk of this batch hasn't made it since it's birth in January-but what can we do? I'm going to be boating all afternoon, then taking the 888 to some friends this evening. Cheers!
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    whole leaf hops

    I'm not really sure, but from what I've picked up, whole leaf hops are better for flavoring/finishing since the lupulin glands are still in-tact. But leaf hops will soak up more of your wort (decreasing volume), and can be a little messy. If I can, I use pellets for bittering, and leaf for...
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    Aurora hops?

    I'm brewing EdWort's Haus Pale tomorrow-but I'm a little tired of Cascades so I thought I'd change it up. Upon the suggestion of the LHBS-I'm going to use Cluster as my bittering hop, then Auroras for the flavor and finishing hops...the AAs are comparable to Cascades, but I've never used...
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    Belgian Trappist/Abbey Ale

    Also-these beers will usually be referred to as Belgian Dubbels, Trippels, Golden Ales, or Dark Ales-that might help your search...I'm pretty sure 'trappiste' just refers to the fact that it was brewed in a Trappist monastery
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    Steam Ale

    My basement's been cool-so it fermented at about 57-62 degrees...and it took a while longer than normal ales. I think it was in the primary for 5 weeks-then bottled. Just coming around now, but it's really tasty.
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    WLP810 for other lagers?

    Thanks-that's what I wanted to hear. Makes sense too-I like the maltier stuff anyway.