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  1. rlmiller10

    Natural Gas Burner for sale in Northern Colorado $50

    Have a natural gas burner set up with a 10 ft hose and quick disconnect. don't remember the BTU but can get my 6 gallons of strike water from 50 to 170 in under 20 minutes. The burner was a Chinese amazon buy and it does soot up the kettle, at last it does at my 5000 ft altitude location...
  2. rlmiller10

    Whoville hops

    Any hop growers can tell me what is going on? Last year these hops (they are wild hops) looked just like my Chinook or Centennial, lots of cones and normal looking. This year there are very few cones and they look like a Whoville plant. Can someone explain?
  3. rlmiller10

    Colorado Homegrown hops in Northern Colorado

    I have several packs of vacuum sealed Chinook hops. They were dried, vacuum packed and frozen within 24 hours of picking. I have 4 packages, 5 oz., 3oz, 6 oz. and 5.5 oz. I also have a few oz of 2016 crops that have been frozen since vacuum packing last year. Take as much as you want for the...
  4. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Decided to do an experiment. I brewed a small batch (3 gal) of my winter pale ale but used 2 cups of sour dough starter for the yeast pitch. 3 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 1 45.5 % 1 lbs 12.8 oz Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 2 27.3 % 1 lbs 3.2 oz Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain...
  5. rlmiller10

    Licorice flavor in Hairy Eyeball

    I had a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball last week and really liked it. I got a distinct licorice flavor. Anyone know what malt might have been producing that flavor? I would like to get that flavor in a porter.
  6. rlmiller10

    Beer Citizen

    If you use the beer citizen app post you name here so we can follow you. Beer Citizen is a beer rating app. My user name is Ron M Small world story to go with this. I had been using the app for a few months. I was on a vacation in Michigan when I stopped at the Right Brain Brewery in...
  7. rlmiller10

    Hops used in Stone IPA?

    Can anyone tell me the hops used in Stone IPA? I am planning to do a series of single hopped IPA this spring summer to get a better idea of what the flavors of the various hops are. What ever the flavor hops used in Stone IPA is I want to avoid it as to me it taste like I was sucking on a...
  8. rlmiller10

    Source for malt information

    Can someone please suggest a good source of info on the characteristics of different malts? For example what difference will pale malt as opposed to 2-row make? Either online or a book would be greatly appreciated.
  9. rlmiller10

    First all grain brew report

    Below is a brew report from my first beer brewing experience. Looking it over I think my former career in the nuclear world might be showing through. Caramel Amber Ale brewed Nov 13, 2013 Recipe Type: All Grain Yeast: US-05 Batch Size (Gallons): 3.25 Original Gravity: 1.050 Final...
  10. rlmiller10

    Starting all the way

    Bit of background, I bought fermenting, bottling, etc equipment because I was going to get honey off two bee hives I have. I wanted to make mead. But now that the mead is going to secondary or bottle (started three batches) I don't want the carboys to sit empty so plan to start brewing beer...
  11. rlmiller10

    Stirring starter

    Having read thousands of posts on this forum and I having never seen this idea I have to assume that it is bad but I would be interested in knowing why. Since a starter needs oxygen and stirred why not just put an air stone in the starter? It would keep the oxygen level up and the bubbles...