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  1. Passload

    Brewers Best American Amber ingredients?

    Does any one have the ingredients list for the Brewers Best American Amber? I brewed this years ago when I did extract, and loved it. I now want to convert the recipe into all grain and give it a-go. Thanks in advance.
  2. Passload

    A little help please - (Oatmeal Stout)

    Can I toast flaked oats?
  3. Passload

    A little help please - (Oatmeal Stout)

    Updated I changed from toasted to victory and also added some bakers chocolate.
  4. Passload

    A little help please - (Oatmeal Stout)

    LOL I like the idea of roasting the two row.Thanks, BM I'm mashing at 158
  5. Passload

    A little help please - (Oatmeal Stout)

    OK, I'm trying to come up with a oatmeal stout. Flavors I'm looking for are a hint of oatmeal nuttiness, hint of chocolate, hint of coffee and vanilla. I will be brewing what we come up with on July 26th 2008 Any critiques and suggestions are very welcome. Here is what I've got so far...
  6. Passload

    Help with my recipe

    Thanks TexLaw. What if I add another .5 oz of centennial for fifteen min. to balance it out a little more? Or should I leave it alone?
  7. Passload

    Help with my recipe

    Thanks Bearcat. I should be brewing this up next weekend.
  8. Passload

    Help with my recipe

    Thanks for the feed back. Do you think I should lower the gravity a bit?
  9. Passload

    Help with my recipe

    Hi, I'm trying to finalize my recipe. All feed back is greatly appreciated. Ok, I've used the biscuit for the great flavor it brings, then the cara-pils for head retention, and finally the aromatic malt for the wonderful nose. As for the hops,I'm going for a lighter hopped spring type smell.(if...
  10. Passload

    Logging my recipes

    +1 on BeerSmith
  11. Passload

    African Beer

    I found this post Zach & Jack's African Amber
  12. Passload

    Orange blossom vs alfalfa honey

    I have found orange blossom honey at big supermarkets.
  13. Passload

    Very quick favor....

    I dont know if Cascade's aroma will be to your liking. But, most likely I'm wrong:drunk:
  14. Passload

    Very quick favor....

    I made my Sturm-Wolke APA (Storm Cloud) in the spirit, but I dry hopped with Williamette. Turned out pretty darn tasty. Oh, the Williamette was what I had on hand.
  15. Passload

    Very quick favor....

    1.7 oz. fuggles 60 min 1 oz. kent 30 min. 1 oz.kent 3 min. .5 oz. crystal hop pellets dry hopped Edit I'm a slow typer
  16. Passload

    Sam Adams Summer Ale Recipie (extract)

    Here take a look at these. BeerSmith Recipe Printout - www.beersmith.com Recipe: Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone Brewer: Justin Shirley Asst Brewer: Style: American Pale Ale TYPE: Extract Taste: (35.0) Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.36...
  17. Passload

    My SNPA clone is a near dead ringer for Sam Adams Boston Lager...

    How long did you dry hop for? Cheers! Justin
  18. Passload

    Orange zest

    I think that the zest of any orange peel will work as long as the pith (white stuff) isn't added. Cheers! Justin
  19. Passload

    yeast question. First brew today.

    Most all yeast that come in any kit will be an ale yeast. Nottingham or very similar. Cheers! Justin