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    Lup's Labels

    That label is a work of art! I fuss over my labels a long time, but never really made that extra step to do what you have done. Maybe it takes talent?????
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    Check this out

    Thanks, I needed a laugh! I woke up this morning to oatmeal stout all over the dining room (ruined carpet). I had used a carboy to ferment (I normally use my fermenter) but wanted to make two brews this weekend. Overnight the stout blew off the bubbler, foamed over and put a permanent...
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    Finally, labels for my beer.

    And I thought I was the only one that makes labels for his brew! Yours are great! I like the consistent look, which is important to me. I have a ribbon banner on each one with month and year of brew and the statement "Hand Crafted by Fred" With root beer it is "Hand Crafted by Grampa", then...
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    Bottle conditioning for real?

    I'm sold! Next Saturday was a single batch brew day, now I'm going to brew two batches and start a stockpile. I think I'll set aside one case (I use 16 oz flip top bottles) of each batch from now on and tell everyone it's all gone. That way I should be able to build up some good beer...
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    Bottle conditioning for real?

    I am pretty much a beginner - with 3 throw away batches, and 5 really good partial grain batches - I get them right now. I felt that if the carbonation was ready, the beer was ready, so this weekend my kids and I and families drank all of my brew stock from the last 3 brews. One last bottle...
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    Hops Utilization

    I was interested in your message. Sounds like you want to improve the hop flavor in your brew. I have successfully created some really good hop flavored ales by buying fresh leaf hops and using LOTS in the boil. Even though I over did one batch, I named it "Extra" hoppy, and with that warning...
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    The explaining of the beer names thread.....

    A big part of the fun for me is naming the brew batch and making the labels. I bottle in 16 oz swing-tops, expensive, but perfect for labels. My last few were: "Bug-Eye Brew Ale" (with a picture of my Shi-tzu with his buggy eyes) "Early Spring Amber Ale" "Late Spring Extra" (dark ale with...
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    How much brew per week?

    Ed, I live in Seattle, but buy Mirror Pond whenever I can. I made a clone of it, but I was just learning and it was not so good. The Arrogant Bastard I save for when my wife wants me to have "just one beer". She doesn't understand the label. I also keep Fin du Monde for the same reason (10%...
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    How much brew per week?

    I am very curious to see how much people consume of their brew every week, even though I'm sure my wife won't be convinced that I should have more!
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    Method for Leaf Hops in Brewing

    You feel that you get any more flavor from the leaves by just pouring them in and straining vs using a tea bag??
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    Method for Leaf Hops in Brewing

    Nice brew pics! I agree, I'm going to bag 'em. Just a whole lot easier.
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    Method for Leaf Hops in Brewing

    Okay, I 've gotten some very good advice about storing 4 pounds of fresh leaf hops (most recent harvest), now I'm going to use a few of them. I have always steeped the hops in a bag, but I'm wondering why that is necessary when you can just filter them out at the last step into the fermenter...
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    Homebrew Evaluation form

    Hey, thank you for the form, it's great! Just what I was looking for, only I need to "dumb" it down a bit for friends and clients that try my brew.
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    Homebrew Evaluation form

    Hi Everyone! I really enjoy this forum, and have learned a lot. I've finally brewed a really good batch, good enough to give away to people to try. (I used a Mac & Jack clone recipe for African Amber - a local brewery in Redmond, WA). I'm getting rave reviews from family, but I want to take...
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    Storing leaf hops

    Actually, the farm has a website, and they are very professional. I got the hops the next day as promised, all sealed and marked as to variety, etc. I just went thru their website for Puterbaugh Farms at www.hopsdirect.com They sell all kinds of hops, most they grow there, but I guess they...
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    bottle labels

    Naming the brew and making the labels is about 50% of the fun! I've made only 4 batches since I started brewing again (after 40 years when I was in college). What I found is that people in my family ask is there any "bug-eye brew" left, or "can you bring some of your April Amber?" I've really...
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    Storing leaf hops

    I just purchased four pounds of leaf hops (4 varieties) from a hop grower in my state. I've used the little 1-oz packages for brewing, but these are HUGE 1-pound sealed packages. Each is about the size of a pillow. I'm making the standard 5-gal quantities, and want to store these darned...