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    Giving away brewing stuff in Toledo, OH area

    It's all gone, folks. But thanks for the interest. Glad that it's found a new home. :)
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    Giving away brewing stuff in Toledo, OH area

    Hi guys. I'm going to be moving in a few months and this time I'm not going to be using a moving truck, so I'm just going to be getting rid of all of my brewing stuff. I probably will take a break from brewing after the move and just rebuy what I need when I need it. But I was wondering if there...
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    The king is dead, long live the king! Congrats to Bell's Two Hearted

    Two Hearted is a pretty good beer, but I don't think it's anywhere as good as Pliney. Personally, though, my favorite Russian River beers are their sours. Still, both Pliney the Elder and Pliney the Younger are excellent.
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    Lagunitas sells to Heineken , another good brewery sells their soul to corpor...

    Every single time this happens, a bunch of cry-babies come on and go "How dare they! I'm never ever ever buying another beer by X!" I think these people just come across as a joke. Does their logic really follow through to everything, though? Not shopping at Kroger, Safeway, Target, or their...
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    I want to know the most off the wall beer ever brewed

    For me, that'd have to be Cap'n Crunch Oops! All Berries Blonde Ale. But I've heard of and tasted beers by other people who made much more insane stuff. And I'm sure if I wanted to come up with a totally crazy off-the-wall beer idea, I could, but I wouldn't necessarily want to make it (for...
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    Does all beer have to fit a BJCP style?

    There are a lot of commercial beers out there that don't fit into BJCP guidelines for any specific style. I've made both beers that magically and perfectly fit into the BJCP guidelines and ones that don't even remotely fit in anything they have. I just recently brewed something that fits...
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    NPR: The 'Haze Craze' 2/20/17

    That might be another factor for me too besides the dry-hopping since I also tend to put a decent amount of white wheat in my IPAs (usually less than a pound, but I've put in a pound before). And I guess I should clarify my previous comment that my dry-hopped beers (IPAs, DIPAs, APAs, etc.) are...
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    NPR: The 'Haze Craze' 2/20/17

    I've made some IPAs like that, but never on purpose. I just find that it's really hard to get a beer clear when you do heavy dry-hopping. Although I dry-hop 90% of the time with APAs, IPAs, and just hoppy beers in general, the few times I haven't dry-hopped, the beers have typically come up clear.
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    Sour beers that don't need aging

    Kettle-soured beers. Specifically: Berliner Weisse and Gose. (Traditionally-made Berliner Weisse and Gose require quite a few months before they're ready to drink, but even then, they require less time than most sour beers. Kettle-soured beers, on the other hand, can be good in as soon as 3-4...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    1940.5 + 5.5 gallons of tropical American hop-heavy APA = 1946
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    Maris Otter as base malt for stout? And other advice

    It was the recipe on the first page, but with 12 pounds of Maris Otter without the dry malt extract and 0.8 pounds of lactose instead of 1 pound. Even so, the final gravity was 1.078, so a bit higher than I planned (but with a final gravity of 1.030, meaning a lower ABV than I planned as well)...
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    Maris Otter as base malt for stout? And other advice

    So I brewed this beer 2 weeks ago and I just took a gravity sample today. It tastes AMAZING. But I'm really surprised at how high the final gravity is. 1.030! Now, I expected it to be over 1.020 because of the lactose and all the unfermentable sugars from the dark roasted grains (my recipe...
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    Cellaring homebrew for decades

    That's blatantly false. Sour beers, for example, oftentimes aren't even bottled until at least a year after they've been brewed. The Belgian gueuze style, for example, isn't even bottled until there are batches that have been aging in oak barrels for at least 3 years (specifically it's a blend...
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    100 Batches or Bust

    Or if he starts making more complicated batches with expensive ingredients (for example, tons of hop additions, more expensive malts, rare ingredients, just adjuncts in general whether coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, etc. etc.). It could get into the thousands of dollars.
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    100 Batches or Bust

    I don't know about guns, but I imagine my beers could be vastly improved with snakes.
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    100 Batches or Bust

    Wow. 50 batches is a TON in a year. If they are all 5 gallon batches, that's 250 gallons. If you're doing smaller batches, that's still a lot, but maybe not quite as insane (for example, 50 1-gallon batches in a year would be about how much I imagine the average homebrewer does, just more like...
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    The Story of Maris Otter: One of "Sheer Bloody Mindedness"

    Nice article. I just brewed a stout with Maris Otter as its base malt. Became a fan of it when I used it in an English-style brown ale a little over a year ago.
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    Creamy Wheat Beer

    There is a character that a large percentage of wheat will give to a beer (for example, 40%, 50%, 60%, or higher) that is quite different from, say, what barley would give, but I don't think "creamy" is the word for it. I don't really know what the right word is, but "creamy" makes me think of...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    1473 + 5 gallons coffee stout = 1478
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    Maris Otter as base malt for stout? And other advice

    At the moment I'm thinking of using a total of 16-20 ounces (about 2-2.5 cups) of cold-brewed Kona coffee for the full 5 gallons, added a couple days after primary fermentation has concluded. Thanks for the references. I bought 1 pound of lactose, but I'm thinking of maybe using around 0.75...