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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    From the sound of it, I put it much more pineapple than you did and got similar result. I'm trying mine again now after in the bottle for 4 weeks. The pineapple flavor is still very subtle and even seems to be fading with time. I'm using pineapple extract next time.
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    That's probably what I'll do next time. How much extract do you use? When do you use it? Where did you get it?
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    Just had the first bottle of my Pineapple IPA, recipe in this post. On the nose there is a subtle fruit note. Someone might be able to identify that it is pineapple, otherwise it just smells fruity, could be mistaken for strawberry honestly. Taste-wise, the pineapple is again very subtle. Sort...
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    I would love to see the recipe for the "best" one you've made. I would also like specifics on adding pineapple flavor and the tweaks you've made from one recipe to the next :mug:
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    Here's the recipe I'm using. Hopefully it comes out close to a Pineapple Sculpin from Ballast Point. I found the recipe elsewhere and tweaked it slightly. It's definitely an experiment! BIAB, 5.5 gal, 1.071 OG, 66 IBU 12.5 lb 2-row 1.25 lb Crystal 10 1 lb CaraPils 1/4 lb cane sugar...
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    Kettle to primary: Dump, strain or rack?

    I will pour it all in if it fits in the fermenter. On my next brew I'm going to try the above method for removing spent hops after the boil. I have used a hop spider with a smaller bag but it seemed like I was getting poorer hop utilization. Straining/filtering is a PAIN. Anything that is fine...
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    Checked again this morning (24 hours after adding pineapple) and it's fermenting away at a much higher rate than it was last night. There's a new krausen layer on top as well. Looks like the yeast are still happy. Before adding pineapple the SG was 1.012 and ABV was 7.8%. The pineapple can I...
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    If it kills the yeast then the sugar from the pineapple could make the beer too sweet, and it also won't prime in the bottles. That's not a big deal if you're kegging. Adding it at flame out might work out well, it would sanitize the fruit. Since it's not boiling then you may not lose much...
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    Need Pineapple IPA recipe clone advice (Sweetwater "Goin Coastal")

    I am making a pineapple IPA now. I bought a huge can of pineapple chunks in juice. I was going to try to juice the chunks but it was too difficult. So I said f-it and pureed the chunks in the juice, pasteurized it (160F), then chilled it back down. Result was 88 fl.oz. of puree. I WAS going to...
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    Second blow off!?

    Nothing wrong with blowing off. Except you should use a blowoff tube into a bucket of sanitizer, don't let it blow out through the air lock.
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    10 gallon extract brew

    Chill your top off water in the fridge, it will help cool the wort when you add it.
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    Scaling a Liquid Extract Recipe

    LME x 0.8 = DME DME / 0.8 = LME
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    Scaling a Liquid Extract Recipe

    You will have to weigh out the amount you need, then somehow store the remainder in a sealed container.
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    Full boil question

    If you go full boil you will need to adjust the recipe to account for the increased hop utilization.
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    Struggling to match OG of supplier

    IMO, the most accurate way to determine water volume is to weigh it. 1 gallon of water weighs ~8.34 lb (varies slightly with temp). To mark my carboy I added 4.17 lb of water (1/2 gal) at a time and marked the carboy with glass etching cream.
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    Struggling to match OG of supplier

    If your volumes of water and weight of extract are correct, you should be getting the advertised OG, it's just math at this point. You would be surprised to find how hard it is to completely mix the top off water with the dense wort. It is liekly that you are not mixing it thoroughly and when...
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    Juicing the fruit for strawberry beer

    I used 4.5lb of strawberries in 5 gal of saison and it has a very subtle strawberry flavor. You wouldn't guess the flavor unless someone told you. If you are looking for more flavor then up the fruit the beer ratio.
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    Recipe Critique - Honey Ale

    I made a similar recipe with 2lb of raw honey but no honey malt. I added 1lb of the honey at flameout and the other 1lb into the secondary in an attempt to preserve as much honey flavor as possible. It turned out to be a great beer but there was very little if any honey flavor. Next time I will...
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    Minimum amount of water for extract brew

    As mentioned, there technically is no minimum about you can brew. 1 gallon brewing is common and is a great way to make a wide variety of beers and to try out new recipes before upscaling the quantity. I personally wouldn't brew less than 1-2 gallons. With the amount of time an effort it takes I...
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    IPA not carbing

    Mine didn't carb after 3.5 weeks at mid-high 60's, so I moved them to a warmer spot in the mid 70 to low 80s, inverted the bottles every couple days, and boom, completely carbonated a week later. IPA's tend to take longer to carb up, and generally need more time to condition as well.