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    Mexican Style Beer (Corona or similiar)

    most mexican beers are vienna-style lagers - just look for recipes for that style
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    Older cascade...

    if you want aged hops, put them in a paper bag and store in a dry, warm place for 2-3 years 3 months aint nothing
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    Brewing with coffee

    you can use coffee in the mash, at boil knockout, make an extract for the fermenter, or rack beer onto coffee in the secondary id recommend doing it in the secondary- you'll preserve the most aroma that way
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    IIPA advice

    a whole pound of both honey and 60L might make it a little sweet, maybe mash 148- thats a better temp for a dry beer, anyhoo if you really want to first wort hop, try the simcoe- FWH gives you good hop flavor, get that piney simcoe taste, id save the centennial for a knockout or dry hop...
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    Gulden Draak

    you would end up with something much, much too dry- belgian breweries hit attenuation as high as 90% routinely, but i wouldnt be surprised if a wine yeast went even higher than that using wyeast 1388 or 3787 will get you what you want- just aerate well (best with O2), add nutrient, keep temps...
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    Playin' around - Belgian Golden Strong

    raise the temp and keep it high until it clears- thats how i finally started getting decent attenuation i let mine do its thing at 67ish, then added a hot water bath and kept the temp in the low 80's for a while- it was wyeast 1762- the blonde i made is CLEAR
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    Red wheat malt, RECIPES?

    nq3x is right, its pretty similar to white wheat- the difference has to do with the plant before processing and has little visible difference it looks like you like dark, 'nutty' ales- try a dunkelweizen or a weizenbock, i love them
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    Another IPA Help Thread

    no, thats not too much dry hop my last ipa was all simcoe, 2 oz at 30, 2 oz at 5, 2 oz at knockout, 3 ounces dry hop for a five gallon batch too much dry hops would be like, six or seven or more ounces of high-alpha for a real hophead keep the dry-hopping time short (less than two weeks) for...
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    Looking to use leftover hops Galena, Cent and Willamette

    try an amber ale, use the galenas early, 1 oz willamette at fifteen, then the rest at knockout ten pounds base malt, 1/2 pound light crystal (20), 1/2 pound dark crystal (80) 1 pound munich beersmith likes it, btw
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    Hops Q

    i have an all-simcoe, all-golden promise ipa dry-hopping right now- ill let you know how it is when i keg it later this week ps- its 15 pounds golden promise, 9-ounces simcoe- all late additions, no bittering 2 oz @ 20 min, 2 oz @ 5 min, 2 oz @ knockout, 3 oz dry-hop for one week
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    Looking for Hop Seeds

    be careful with planting seeds- as a horticulturalist, i can tell you that you are VERY unlikely to get anything you want from seeds produced by most varieties first of all, the seedlings wont be the same as the parents unless it happens to be one of the few that breeds true to seed (i think...
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    Hops Q

    some IPAs (like rogues now defunct Juniper Pale Ale) actually have juniper berries in them, and that will certainly give you that flavor a lot of different american hop varieties can be described as 'piney' most books on homebrewing have a chart of hop flavors to be found somewhere in the...
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    Would love to duplicate

    hate to be the bearer of bad news, but i bet that beer is about as hard to make as you could possibly get lindemans lambics are wild beers that use a huge variety of microbes for fermenting- you can get them as lambic blend or sour blend from wyeast or white labs after the lambic ferments for...
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    Yellow Lager...what do you think?

    i made a beer once that was 100% Vienna malt and it was soooo yellow- almost neon or something- amazing color
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    Creating a Really Malty, Smooth Brew

    try an american brown or american amber- the recipes found in brewing classic styles should give you pretty tasty, malty brews
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    to dry hop, or not to dry hop

    i just wait until fermentation has slowed, then dry hop with pellets right in the primary- reduces oxidation risk from extra racking, and this beer isnt going to sit on the yeast long enough to worry about off-flavors- they take months to develop +1 Amarillo- i did an amarillo/maris otter SMaSH...
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    it looks good- i would personally add a lot more late hops and probably wouldnt bother with the northern brewer- they have an odd herbal taste that may be out of place in an american IPA but that is all preference- your recipe is solid as far as IBUs and OG
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    Substitute for Acid Malt

    i use 1/4 pound of acid malt in my grists to lower the pH a little- hit 5.2 dead on the last few batches although the acidity in the mash is the main characteristic of acid malt, it can also significantly improve the head of the beer, important in a stout where you want a fine, creamy head...
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    Weihenstephaner Vitus?

    wow, i dont know how i missed all that info on the website im surprised that the beer is that well attenuated- it seems to be very heavy in body i already brewed it with this recipe, we'll see how it comes out- its much higher in OG, like 1.075 also, i used 1/4 pound of the acid malt and the...
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    Weihenstephaner Vitus?

    I've been lookin for a recipe for vitus, and since i havent been able to find one, i made this one up. i measured the final gravity of degassed vitus at room temperature, and, using the alcohol content, used beersmith to come up with the gravity and bitterness parameters how do you think...