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  1. jbrookeiv

    Increasing freezer temp from 40 to 45F

    I keep my chest freezer at 45, I think it's just about the perfect temp.
  2. jbrookeiv

    True Blood Party

    One thing to note, someone tried to do the same thing, except a green beer for St. Pattys day. I forget when he added the food coloring, but the coloring completely disappeared. Might be easiest to add a few drops to the bottom of the pint glass before pouring.
  3. jbrookeiv

    did I kill my bottling bucket?

    Does it still smell? I'd taste the beer you bottled, if it tastes fine, don't worry about it.
  4. jbrookeiv

    Too Long

    I think cold crashing would be perfect at this point if you can, then bottle that sucker!
  5. jbrookeiv

    Help - should I get rid of this fermenting wort?

    It will most likely be fine, don't worry about it. RDWHAHB.
  6. jbrookeiv

    Easiest beer I have ever made recipe

    Definitely all the sediment kicked up from the bottom of the keg.
  7. jbrookeiv

    Harry Potter Butterbeer

    Sounds good, I might have to give this a shot.
  8. jbrookeiv

    Glass Versus Plastic fermenters

    Look below. Search next time.
  9. jbrookeiv

    Just got a burner!

    According to my BIAB calculator, you need 7.75 gallons of strike water for a 10lb grain bill. Add the grain and you'll be close to full. You should easily be able to brew session strength beers with that setup. http://beerreviewdude.com/biab-calculator/
  10. jbrookeiv

    Williams Sonoma selling brew kits

    Where can you get a 5 gallon kit for $15? The $40 kits include all necessary equipment to ferment.
  11. jbrookeiv

    Ale Pail Primary

    Leave mine out in the open, never had a problem. The buckets are opaque white, no light is getting in.
  12. jbrookeiv

    Austin Brew Shop kit

    You're not supposed to pitch yeast again. Just throw in the dry hops for a week and then bottle/keg. Dry hops are mostly for hop aroma/flavor.
  13. jbrookeiv

    NB extract kits

    No, it's completely optional. A lot of people leave their beer in primary for longer and skip secondary with great results (me included).
  14. jbrookeiv

    Less hops - am I a wuss?

    Never really seen an overhopped kit, at least to my palate. Kits are usually within style guidelines, and I typically bump up the hops on most things I brew because I love hops.
  15. jbrookeiv

    How to add liquid extract

    I add all my extract at the 15 minute until Flameout mark. Supposedly, adding it later will keep the color lighter since the extract sugars won't caramelize during the boil. It also helps prevent boilovers, which is a plus.
  16. jbrookeiv

    Can I use 6 row in the place of 2 row?

    Add some crystal malt and make a nice hoppy APA.
  17. jbrookeiv

    Can I use 6 row in the place of 2 row?

    More info. here: http://www.brewingwithbriess.com/Malting101/The_Row_Less_Traveled.htm "The other important note to make is that flavor differences between 2-Row and 6-Row malts are more detectable in lighter flavored, lightly hopped beers. When you don't have flavor masking by specialty malts...
  18. jbrookeiv

    Can I use 6 row in the place of 2 row?

    Yup, I've done this with good results. They are pretty similar flavor-wise, 6-row just has more diastatic power.