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  1. balzern

    Fermenting a Biere de Garde at lower temp?

    Question regarding Wyeast 3725 and using it in a Biere de Garde kit. My rooms ambient temp is about 66 degrees currently and this yeast says it ferments optimally at 70-84 which to me seems super high. Has anyone had any experience with this yeast, or perhaps could offer some suggestions on my...
  2. balzern

    Temperature dilemma please help!

  3. balzern

    Wow lots of Krausen

    I keep mine in a dark closet which is around 66-70 degrees depending on the day. It works out well and the only time light hits them is when I check up on the little buggers.
  4. balzern

    Wow lots of Krausen

    Well first I decided to use a carboy for primary because I wanted to see how aggressive fermentation was because I have only used buckets thus far. Now I will do in carboys not only to see the fermentation but also for blow off.
  5. balzern

    Wow lots of Krausen

    hahah what can I say :P
  6. balzern

    Wow lots of Krausen

    Thanks I am excited! I don't think I will ever go back to the days of pitching liquid yeast without starters!
  7. balzern

    Wow lots of Krausen

    Check out the Krausen I have in my Dunkelweizen. I made a starter for Wyeast 3068 and after about 9 hours of lag time it just exploded to look like this! http://www.flickr.com/photos/beermeister/5365764777/ :mug: