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    Gose vs Berliner Weisse - Which to brew / suggestions?

    I recommend Omega Yeast Labs Lactobacillus blend. It's a beast and can easily sour your wort at lower temps like 70-90F. Works well every time I've used it. As for the recipe, 50/50 pilsner and wheat is an easy, go-to grain bill for beers like this. If you do use the Omega Lacto, be sure to not...
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    Fear of Brett contamination

    Yes, I believe your fear is irrational. As far as I know, Brett cannot fly. As long as you don't pour that Brett beer all over your new equipment, you should be fine. I second @TheMadKing also. If I had to guess, your friends likely did not clean their equipment properly between uses...
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    Where to start fermenting my first batch?

    That actually sounds perfect. I would leave the fermenting beer in the basement around 62-65 for the first 4-5 days, then bring it upstairs to finish up for about a week or two.
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    Beer styles

    I think what m00ps is saying is that most, if not all, commercial beers will say on the label what style of beer it is. IME, that is true about 99% of the time. I have come across a handful of commercial beers that don't say what, exactly, they are. A quick google search should tell you, though.
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    Beer styles

    http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/style/ Click on any style and it will bring up several commercial examples of the style.
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    Which fermentation schedule for an IIPA racked to secondary?

    If you want the hops to be as present as they possibly can be, do not rack it to a secondary. Any introduction of oxygen to the beer once fermentation has finished can only damage your final beer's hop character.
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    Peace Coffee Stout - N00b Question

    Another option is to just add the whole beans in a sanitized bag directly to the fermenter (like a dry hop) a couple days before you plan on packaging the beer.
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    High FG... any ideas?

    That's good that it has gone down to 1.029 but that still seems very high, especially for a DIPA. I would probably wait another couple days and take another gravity reading before bottling just to be sure it's not still fermenting. A DIPA at that FG is going to be very sweet and the hops will...
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    Stout Substitution?

    I've always just mashed all of my grains together, including roasted barley. All of my stouts turn out nicely. Never too astringently roasty. However, I am curious to try the late addition of the roasted malts into the mash just to see how it turns out. According to what I've been told (and...
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    Stout Substitution?

    If you're not able to get any roasted barley, I would say your best bet w/ what you have would be Chocolate malt. Just expect a less roasty, slightly less dark finished beer. Do they have black patent malt? You could use a little bit of that instead, but a little less than however much roasted...
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    Adding brett in secondary for a saison?

    Pellicles are formed when there is contact w/ oxygen in the fermenter. If there is any headspace, you will likely see a pellicle. That's been my experience so far, at least.
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    Brew a bunch of different styles or pick 1 or 2 and really master them?

    I really like experimenting w/ hop combos so I tend to brew an IPA every other batch. I find myself wanting to try a new style every other brew.. IPA - Oatmeal stout - IPA - Barley wine - IPA - ESB, etc.
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    Smashing with low AA hop

    Yeah I should've asked OG and batch size, good call brewprint. Looks like 1 oz of Columbus should do the trick. 2 oz at 60 mins is gonna get you 90-100 IBUs, while 1 oz at 60 mins will get you 40-50 IBUs. I tend to aim for 50-60 IBUs for IPAs, which is right around where you should end up after...
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    Smashing with low AA hop

    That should take care of the bitterness, but now I'm worried about the flavor/aroma if you're really going for a true IPA. If you only have 4 oz of the Crystal, I might do 2 oz at flameout and 2 oz dry hop. I would suggest getting even more Crystal and doing 3-4 oz at flameout and 2-3 oz dry hop.
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    Adding brett in secondary for a saison?

    I would suggest that you do add brett. I have one going in secondary right now that smells scrumptious, and another saison that I added 6-8 drops of Brett at bottling that has an awesome brett character to it. I have a culture of Wyeast's Brett C mixed w/ Orval dregs that I keep in my fridge...
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    Having trouble getting higher gravity

    Forgot to add... Most people will tell you not to worry about efficiency, as long as your beer turns out tasty, efficiency isn't that important. I agree for the most part, but 50% efficiency seems too low. I get 65-70% and I'm satisfied with that.
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    Having trouble getting higher gravity

    The crush is one of the most important things to check when you have poor efficiency. Read this thread (or the first post, at least) : https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=334813 What size batch are you doing? If I'm assuming a 5 gallon batch, I would say your water volumes are a...
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    Wort question

    I just dump it all straight into the fermenter. Gets the most wort in there as possible, plus it gives it a little bit of aeration which promotes yeast health
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    Corn sugar vs. Table sugar (cane) for prime

    Lol whoops. Didn't even look at the date of the OP.
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    Corn sugar vs. Table sugar (cane) for prime

    I use this calculator and it has never failed me : http://www.brewersfriend.com/beer-priming-calculator/ According to my reading, it makes no difference whether you use corn/cane/DME carbonation-wise. You just have to use different amounts of each to hit your desired level of carbonation...