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    Another effeciency thread :(

    it is hard to guess what your efficiency will be the first time around. What type of set up are you using for a mash tun? Do you have a false bottom or a manifold? Are you going to fly sparge or batch sparge? I think an easy first ag beer to make would be some sort of brown ale.
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    efficiency has been crap, I want to sparge with more water...

    sorry if there is a bunch of mispelled stuff, typing on my i pod:)
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    efficiency has been crap, I want to sparge with more water...

    I practically doubled my efficiancy when I slowed my sparge. I was fly sparging and the process only took about half an hour. I could not figure out why I had to keep addind dme to the boil to bring me up to gravity. Then I tried sparging Really slow about one and a half hours or more. been...
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    worst efficiency ever

    I have had similar problems and they were solved with a new thermometer. I mashed at what I thought was 152.... later found out my thermometer was off by more than 30 degrees! I only mashed at about 120-122... it was a belgian wit and fairly exspensive batch so I was very disapointed. Try...
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    Sparge SLOWLY!

    when you fly sparge you never let the water level fall below the grain right? I heard the water level shoun stay at least an inch above.
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    Sparge SLOWLY!

    I to am trying to figure out my sparging routine. That is the only thing I can think of for my less than parr efficiancy. I am also using the fly sparging method
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    how much will fit?

    Thanks so much for the link... that works awesome! Makes it real easy to figure out. Cant wait to max out my mash tun!:)
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    how much will fit?

    just started doin all grain on our last batch and so far so good. I have a 5 gallon round igloo cooler with a false bottom. just made a pale ale with a 9 lb grain bill and no problems. I kno I can fit a lot more just curious if anyone knows the maximum amout of grain that can be mashed is such a...
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    I am gonna do it!

    My brew buddies and I are going to start our 7th batch today and I think we are going to take the plunge into all grain. We have a mash tun and a lauter tun all we need is a pot and an outdoor burner.....heading to Bass Pro Shop in a couple hours to pick up a 60,000 btu turkey fryer. Then I am...
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    All grain to partial mash conversion

    I would probally use Light DME instead of the amber to try and keep it in the color range of an IPA. The amber might make it a little darker than you would want
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    About to brew

    I am getting ready to brew my amber ale in the morn.This is a partial mash recipe and I am going to use the BIAB. I was just wondering about how much water should I use per pond of grain for my mash and for my sparge? Any input would be appreciated:mug:
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    Tried Brew-In-A-Bag tonight, got bad efficiency: 1.034 instead of 1.054

    How coarse are the bags for the BIAB? I have a nylon bag desugned for straining paint and has a very fine mesh, would this be okay to use? It is the same as any nylon grain bag I have seen but much finer. I just wonder if it is not course enough or if fine mesh is better. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Belgian Wit!!!!

    Glad to hear that someone actually prefers it a little light. I figured it would still turn out ok but I am still new to the brew so I just wanted some input to make me feel better:mug:
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    Belgian Wit!!!!

    i have read tons of stuff about it and i am sure that i have a better understanding of what happend so I will be ready next time!
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    Belgian Wit!!!!

    Just transfered my belgian wit to the secondary and trhrew some sweet orange peel in. This was my "weak wit" had an OG of 1.039...... bad mash but I think I got that figured out.... took a SG reading with what was left in the siphon.......1.010 and still looks like it is slowly fementing! Hope...
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    Tried Brew-In-A-Bag tonight, got bad efficiency: 1.034 instead of 1.054

    I thought the same with my latest batch ( partial mash Belgian Wit) come to find out my thermometer was reading high. Better luck next time! I know I cant wait to brew more!
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    Tried Brew-In-A-Bag tonight, got bad efficiency: 1.034 instead of 1.054

    What temp did you mash at? If your temp was too low the you could have gotten bad efficiancy also.
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    partial mash came out to 1.031

    I am in the same boat I wold like to figure out to add to my wit
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    pissed off!

    :mug::Thats nothin' I just brewed a wit with a target of 1.049 and got 1.039! Came to the conclusion that I had a faulty thermometer and did not hit my mash temps. It is a crappy feelin'. You were pretty close though I would not worry about that too much.:)