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  1. Seedly

    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    895 Lost mine to shoddy packing in a move. Guess Ill never know the OG of the belgian I just brewed.
  2. Seedly

    Rogue IT manager ad

    Wow, thats a lot of blather that tells you more about the company and the position than they probably want you to know. No responsible person who will actually be able to respond to a midnight POS polling error will actually take that job. Those people want stability and reasonable...
  3. Seedly

    What are you drinking now?

    Just polished off a glass of smoked porter that I worked up. Chocolate and Cara 80 malt with about 30% cherrywood smoked malt. Used Palisades for the hop. Very balanced smoke flavor with a mildly fruity finish. Only downside is its under-carbed.
  4. Seedly

    Really trick ABV claculation - Help!

    Its not much variance in this example, but it could be a much bigger variance in an example where more liquor is added. I thought it might be nice to do the actual math for someone else to use as an example when the thread came up in a search later.
  5. Seedly

    Really trick ABV claculation - Help!

    Actually it wouldnt give you that much of a bump. The beer has 75.9 cl of ethanol in 2300 cl of liquid (2300*.033). The rum has 7.5 cl of ethanol in 20 cl of liquid (20*.375) So the total is 83.4 cl of alcohol in 2320 cl of liquid, or 3.59% ABV.
  6. Seedly

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    3406+5=3411 just finished cleaning up after an ESB
  7. Seedly

    What are you drinking now?

    Took a sip from the spent wort of my yeast starter while decanting. Pretty much the straight up definition of acetaldehyde. Like a green jolly rancher gone horribly wrong...
  8. Seedly

    Anheuser Busch and their deceptive marketing

    They showed their faces at Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines this year: ...course they bailed about halfway through the tasting. Worst presentation of the lot. One guy with some bottles that were poorly labeled with some goofy "Not for resale" verbage on them. Nothing special...just a...
  9. Seedly

    Who else spends too much tome at work reading home brew forums?

    I get my work done and am one of the more productive members of our team, so I dont worry myself for my myrad 10min breaks here. As far as Im concerned, its just part of my work process.
  10. Seedly

    Diabetic friendly beer trials and AE disscusion.

    Sorry for digging up the old post but the question was never answered. Endoamylase is another name for alpha amylase the same as Exoamylase is another name for beta amylase. Dunno why your LHBS has the same product twice, unless its different brands.
  11. Seedly

    Homebrewing in a CT Condo Complex

    This. Ive done my share of living in multi-unit housing. No thank you. I dont care if it costs a hell of a lot more. Single family housing for me from now on.
  12. Seedly

    Do you guys fill out EVERYTHING on a competition entry form?

    Safe?!?! SAFE? Ha! I think you mean that YOUR safe! ;) As to my BGSA, I guess I dont mind sharing it since the entry deadline is 3 days away: Peechy Keen 10# Belgian Pilsner 2# Munich 3# Clear Candi Syrup (at flameout) 4oz Hallertau Mittlefruch ([email protected] and [email protected]) 3# Peaches from my back yard...
  13. Seedly

    Your recipe or someone else's?

    First two batches I did were kits, but the next 9 have been all mine. Honestly I think I enjoy the design process as much or more than the brewing process.
  14. Seedly

    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    I did 2.5 years of ME before I realized I wasnt very good at Calculus. However I did get my degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which is kind of like "engineering for business". Been in retail merchandising/supply ever since.
  15. Seedly

    Do you guys fill out EVERYTHING on a competition entry form?

    Getting ready for Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines? If so, dont bother with Specialty Ale or Belgian Golden Ale categories. I got those tied up :D And the extra info is to give the judge a better idea of what they are drinking. As an example, I did an English Style Barleywine with lactose...
  16. Seedly

    I Propose a Little Game

    I REALLY REALLY want to laugh at this, but then I remember that I have more than a few d'n' dice in a lovely box labeled "Battletech" somewhere in my mom's basement and I actually went looking for it over Thanksgiving....hey, theres a tech readout 2750 in there! Anyway, I am so much on board...
  17. Seedly

    Pepper Basics

    I did a Peppered ESB as a gift for my father in law. I actually intended to have some heat in the beer, but as it turned out the beer had zero heat and scads of pepper flavor. I used 1 pablano, 2 jalapeno, and 2 serrano peppers all de-seeded, de-vined, and grilled. I also used a touch of rauch...
  18. Seedly

    Need A Brewery Name!

    And I was going to suggest "Circus Bear Brewing". This has the double-benefit of giving you a funny logo (bear on a unicycle wearing a funny hat)
  19. Seedly

    What are you drinking now?

    Currently drinking the dregs of a Pepper ESB that I made as a present for my Father in Law. Read about a method for pepper beers where you split the batch for fermentation and add the peppers to half the batch. Then you can blend to desired hotness. Well, the beer ended up less hot that...
  20. Seedly

    1800w Burton Induction Hot Plate

    Subscribed. Hope this works out for you!