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    when and how to use beano?

    instead of beano you can use amylase enzyme powder from your LHBS- probably close to the same thing, might be worth getting if its cheaper im sure if you controlled the amount of beano/amylase powder you used it would turn out all right- the yeast can't make amylase (obviously, or...
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    Save Berliner Weisse?

    its been in the primary for about a month now- i kept it in the mid-70's for a few weeks, but it doesnt seem to be getting any more sour AT ALL
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    Save Berliner Weisse?

    I made a berliner weiss and pitched a wyeast pure lactobacillus culture at the same time as european ale yeast- it turned out ok, with good flavor, but just not enough sourness do you think i should buy some lactic acid from my LHBS and try to sour it up and bottle it? Or should i just get...
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    dry hopping with pellets-grassy flavors?

    i forgot to mention that i think columbus (aka tomahawk) can be pretty guilty of this
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    dry hopping with pellets-grassy flavors?

    the grassy/green flavors you get are from the chlorophyll in the actual bracts of the hops in whole hops, the bracts are left mostly intact, and the chlorophyll isnt exposed- in pellet hops, the bracts are all destroyed and smushed together, meaning more of the chlorophyll is exposed think...
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    Do you trust Fermometer?

    i think they still work after being wet, too they look a different color, but usually you can still tell what it is trying to read
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    Slow starting starter - what to do on brew day

    if the starter is small, pitch it if its a gallon starter, obviously dont also, if you have shaken the hell out of the starter, it may be highly oxidized, and the flavor may not go unnoticed in your final product
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    I put my wort on a yeast cake and I'm lovin it

    ive been meaning to do that for some time- i have serious attenuation issues, and i figure if i cant fix them by pitching a whole yeast cake (and using the O2 im getting soon) then theres no hope i just brewed a 1.071 OG beer that is mostly wheat, and i pitched a starter of wyeast 1762- when...
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    Thermometer Broke in Wort

    does anybody have a good brand name for the probe thermometer? something i can find in the chicago area? ive been using a Taylor one and well, i think it sucks
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    Danger of Hops to Dogs

    its funny, but there was a thread not that long ago and the consensus seemed to be that hops werent that big of a deal im glad my dog stays away from the hops- he does eat the spent grain on the compost pile, but i use pellets and wash them and the other trub down the drain its funny, my...
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    I got shut down - no more outdoor brewing

    well, as much as i agree with everyone who thinks the HOA needs to eat **** and die, thats probably a losing battle- especially if this complainer is mentally challenged, ur gonna look like a really f-ing dick in the end but dude, you live in madison- if you cant find a brew partner with a...
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    gravity of belgian?

    i used 14 pounds of castle pils, 3 pounds of corn sugar, 80% efficiency... could this sweet taste be a phenolics profile from the yeast? i used wyeast 1388 beersmith tells me my IBU's are only 17.5, considerably lower than the 22 IBU minimum for the style- is this where my sweetness comes in?
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    gravity of belgian?

    i attended my first brew club meeting thursday night, and my belgian golden strong ale came into question i measured the OG at 1.094, and the FG at 1.010 the more refined palates seemed to think it was under attenuated, and brought the accuracy of my hydrometer into question after...
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    HBS in Chicago

    i live a mile from perfect brewing- i've been to brew and grow, but their selection sucks- they expect you to buy 1 pound pre-packaged specialty grains go to perfect brewing, Billy will give you what you want down to the ounce of specialty grain, mill it for you, seal it in a plastic bag, read...
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    Done dry hopping and don't feel like bottling - Ok to move to secondary?

    probably not, but why risk the contamination of an extra step just because you don't feel like bottling in my opinion, you need to just leave the dry hops where they are, and muster the 'mood' to bottle it in the next week or so
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    $41 6pack

    i think juniper pale ale is one of rogue's best beers- a surprisingly tasty ale has anyone else had any of their export beers? white crane, red fox, buckwheat ale? they are all incredibly nutty-malty and AWESOME
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    1 year

    go all grain-do it- friar tuck has ten pound bags of maris otter and american 2-row for only ten bucks- thats a great deal- use a bucket within a bucket a la "joy of homebrewing" if you must i spend champaign birthdays at the blind pig or at crane alley, personally
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    Sierra Nevada Torpedo

    walked in to a liquor store today and saw a new Sierra Nevada i have never seen or heard of before its called "torpedo extra IPA" - the bottle says this is what they call a certain dry-hopping method that they use i hadnt heard any buzz about it and wondered if anyone else had tried it...
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    Dry hopping

    you could try a hopback- it basically filters the beer through a bed of hops fermenter--> hopback--> keg also, a guy i know uses a nylon bag full of either pellet or whole leaf hops and just puts it in the keg- i havent tried that yet, but i definitely need to improve my dry-hopping technique...
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    how to pour?

    use a more flocculant yeast- and make sure you store the beer cold at least overnight, if not for a day or two, to give the yeast time to really stick to the bottom certain yeasts, like weizen and saison, just arent gonna cooperate, though